Trubisky as the Top Value? Bears Bad Beats, Backups Getting Paiiiid, More Rivera, and Other Bears Bullets

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Trubisky as the Top Value? Bears Bad Beats, Backups Getting Paiiiid, More Rivera, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Why, yes, I am very much here for this new James Bond trailer:

  • Ron Rivera’s firing yesterday came as a bit of a surprise at first, but it made sense after I slept on it. The move reminded me of conversations I had with friends when the Cubs and Joe Maddon officially parted ways. The move wasn’t a declaration of Maddon being a bad manager, but instead that he just wasn’t the perfect fit for this upcoming phase of Cubs baseball. Rivera isn’t a bad football coach, but it is understandable if a rebuilding team that is on the verge of changing its landscape wants a clean slate at the top.
  • In reading things around the league, the vibe is that Rivera will get another head-coaching opportunity soon. Though, I’m not sure where it will come as front offices continue to turn to offensive-minded coaches in order to be in sync with the quarterback. Surely, there is a team with a strong offensive infrastructure that could use a defensive-minded head coach who could provide the missing link and bring everything together.
  • More on the decision from Panthers owner David Tepper:

  • The Panthers have a lot of work to modernize their franchise, and I imagine that is one of the things Tepper has in mind. Frankly, the Panthers aren’t probably alone in needing to get with the program. And to be totally honest, part of me wonders where the Bears are on the progressive curve.
  • Chicago’s football team has run things rather traditionally/conservatively over the years. And while Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace represent hires who are against the grain by Bears standards, it doesn’t mean they land on the progressive side of the ledger. And based on some of Nagy’s play-calling and decision-making in certain situations, I wouldn’t mind an injection of new perspectives to help move things forward if that is what is necessary to win. I’m not talking about hiring analytics guys for the sake of it, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt.
  • For what it’s worth, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports writes about how the old guard of NFL coaches is still winning at a high clip. Impressive stuff, especially when you consider how coaching hires are skewing younger and younger.
  • Well, wouldn’t this be something?

  • Mike McCarthy returning to coaching after a year off? I’m intrigued, especially since the Packers have really taken off since his departure. Who knew one of the greatest allies a Bears fan would have would be a Super Bowl winning head coach limiting his team’s upside? It’s worth pointing out the Bears (and the rest of the NFC North) play games against the NFC South in 2020.
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  • Seeing the Bears at the absolute bottom of the barrel in this category makes me ill:

  • Imagine being a Bears fan who keeps going to this well again and again, only to not be rewarded at every turn. Yuck. With that being said, the Bears are 3-point home underdogs entering tomorrow’s game against the Cowboys. Unless you feel strongly about the total because you think this will be a taffy-pull of an offensive game, my gut says not to touch this game.
  • By one metric, Mitch Trubisky was the highest-performing player of Week 13:

  • There is plenty of Bears flavor on that list above. From guys who could be on the Bears’ future wish list (Foles, Mariota, Bridgewater), ex-Bears (Hoyer!), and current one (Daniel).
  • Creativity for a good cause:

  • If this isn’t the best tweet of the decade, I don’t know what is:

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