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Give Trubisky the Credit He Deserves … You Cowards (And Other Bears Bullets)

Chicago Bears

Today’s college football slate looks great, but I will be at a 1-year-old’s birthday party. If anyone needs me, I’ll be sneaking away to the bar.

  • There were a handful of standout performances in the Bears’ win against the Cowboys on Thursday. Allen Robinson was catching everything thrown his way. The offensive line was holding it down against a defensive front that Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich called “elite, elite, elite.” That’s *THREE* elites, people. But the best player on the Bears’ offense was quarterback Mitch Trubisky. And frankly, we shouldn’t lose sight of Trubisky playing well against a good team … in prime-time … in a game that needed to be won.
  • Unfortunately, Pro Football Focus’ post-game grading didn’t see it that way:

  • I realize that Trubisky averaged just 3.6 yards per air completion, but I don’t understand a grading process that punishes a player for not doing his job within the offense and punishes them for playing within the offense. Giving credit where it is due shouldn’t feel like a big ask, but it does when it comes to Trubisky.
  • Trubisky not popping up among the five highest-graded offensive players from Thursday is mind-boggling. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. Back in 2018, PFF’s quarterbacking preview said of Trubisky: “A new system is expected to accentuate Trubisky’s strengths which include his ability to throw on the run and throwing accurately in the short and intermediate game.” Then that happened … and Trubisky was still dinged for it. We detailed it all in a post last summer.
  • This dart of a throw probably earned a negative grade:

  • Same for this run:

  • In the end, I still don’t believe PFF has some sort of anti-Trubisky bias in its grading. But I continue to feel strongly about the need to go back to the drawing board and figure out why there is a drastic disconnect between statistical production and the analytical conclusions drawn from what the folks at PFF say.
  • This vid had me hyped:

  • They’re baaaaaaaaack:

  • It was really nice to see the Bears use misdirection and motion to open up running lanes and passing windows. I’m not sure why this took so long in the first place, but better late than never.
  • Offensive line appreciation is important:

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  • Tip your cap to Chuck Pagano, the defensive coordinator that kept a high-octane offense in check for most of the night:

  • If not for Trubisky, this one would have gone down as The Kevin Pierre-Louis Game:

  • A nice audience watched that game on Thursday:


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