Bear Hugs, Nagy's Visor Decision, Respect for Hicks, Rebuilding Raiders, and Other Bears Bullets

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Bear Hugs, Nagy’s Visor Decision, Respect for Hicks, Rebuilding Raiders, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Have you ever realized how much meme potential there is on the safety instructions card on the seat-back in front of you? If you haven’t, well, then this is the Twitter thread you have been waiting to cram your eyeballs with today.

  • It isn’t often when a comment on a social media post makes me feel things, but this is the exception to the rule:

  • When I read safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix comment: “It’s a different type of bond when it’s a guy you came in with” under a Bears Instagram post showing safety Eddie Jackson running onto the field and hugging the heck out of quarterback Mitch Trubisky, it highlighted several things for me. First, this isn’t the first/only time it has happened. I first noticed it while at the Giants-Bears game with Brett, then saw it again on Thanksgiving. And knowing that Trubisky and Jackson were 2017 NFL Draft classmates, it made sense. These guys have come a long way together from a rookie year that saw the team lose a bunch of games despite having talent that otherwise could have put together a better season. And who knows, maybe Jackson’s excellence is rubbing off on Trubisky. Can it even work like that?
  • Comparatively speaking, this is has been a good run for Trubisky … but it could be better:

  • Allow me to circle back to Clinton-Dix’s comment, if only for a moment. Because his words also served as a reminder that – despite all the outside noise – the Bears players are still pulling hard for Trubisky. That matters. Because even though his flaws and short-comings have been right there for us all, he still does something that has his teammates playing hard for him and pushing themselves to be better so he can be better. There may not be` a numeric value to that, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.
  • Elsewhere in the land of HHCD:

  • Revenge games really haven’t gone well for the Bears this year, with losses to the Raiders and Eagles still sticking in my craw. So … how about a win for Clinton-Dix in his return to Green Bay?
  • This is a mood:

  • Akiem Hicks is #good and #respected:

  • However, just know that Hicks probably wants to rip your head off if you’re wearing green and yellow this week:

  • Matt Nagy answers the important question regarding whether or not he is going to stick with his guns and rock his visor at what will be a frigid Lambeau Field:

  • Coming soon:

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A rivalry like no other. #CHIvsGB

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  • Loving the throwback images from the Tribune’s IG page this week:

  • It would be neat if the Bears offense was able to take advantage of this more often:

  • Meanwhile, one of the teams whose defense (lookin’ at you, Chiefs) can’t force a 3-and-out to get off the field comes to town next week. Time of game still to be determined.
  • Get your vote on:

  • It’s back:

  • What an honor:

  • Between getting an interview with the Bears in 2018 and Rod Graves (a one-time Bears executive), I couldn’t help but share this here:

  • And here I am thinking I lived my best college life:

  • Celebrate the weekend by push that RT button so hard right now:

  • Everybody loves Lamar:

  • I see that things didn’t get much better for the Bulls while I was out of town:

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