Watson Goes Off, Brady's Hanging On, Titans Provide a Blueprint, and Other Bears Bullets

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Watson Goes Off, Brady’s Hanging On, Titans Provide a Blueprint, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

An unexpected gathering of guests at my place yesterday afternoon led me to put an end to my streak of days not ordering out at four. My hope was to not do it at all until I left for Las Vegas for next weekend’s round of NFL playoff games, but I wasn’t cooking for people yesterday. Maybe next time!

  • Our day started off innocently enough with the Bears making Eddie Jackson’s extension officially official:



  • Saturday’s playoff games started with a bang …

  • … and featured a little bit of veteran wit:


  • That was an entertaining day of football. And while we’ll get another one today, there’s so much to run through before a 12:05 CT kickoff.
  • I suppose the Obsessive Tom Brady Watch begins:

  • Perhaps a deeper dive will be necessary, but the idea of Tom Brady suiting up for the Bears next season is one of those “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” type of things. Between the salary Brady will command, his age, apparent decline in skills, Chicago’s limited cap space, and the fact that Mitch Trubisky would essentially be put into a position where he is a $9 million backup whose coach points out he still needs to become a “master in understanding coverages” really makes Brady a non-fit. But as I said prefacing this statement, a longer and more expansive look could be necessary down the line.
  • I feel as if the biggest takeaway from Saturday’s Titans-Patriots tilt is that the Titans provided a pretty clear blueprint for the Bears to follow in order to get off the mat and compete in the playoffs at this time next year. Show a true commitment to the running game, properly utilize a quarterback who can play off play action, and a lean on a defense that tackles everything coming its way that carries the football.
  • Wouldn’t it be neat to see a Bears version of this Derrick Henry rushing graphic:

  • Smashmouth football never goes out of style if you commit to it.
  • I can’t get over how the Titans created a competition at quarterback by pitting a young veteran with a unique prospect pedigree as a former top-10 pick against a franchise quarterback who had been given every opportunity, but still ultimately flamed out at his first stop. Steel sharpens steel, and Ryan Tannehill has certainly made the most out of new life in Nashville. Tannehill didn’t play great, but sometimes your teammates have to pick you up when you don’t bring your A-game.
  • Frankly, we’re only having this conversation because the Bears passed on taking this guy in the 2017 NFL Draft:

  • There are quarterbacks who lean on their teammates in trying times, and there are those whose skills raise the boats of everyone around them. Deshaun Watson is one of those guys. Watson was sacked seven times and was hit on 12 other occasions on Saturday. Guy took a beating behind an offensive line that was getting pushed around. But he persevered and lifted his team to a come-from-behind victory. It was compelling, inspiring, and tough to stomach as a Bears fan.
  • Watson is good at football … and has been for some time. So overcoming a slow start and a 16-point deficit is equal parts amazing and impressive. But this is also the same guy who finished as a Heisman Trophy finalist (twice), won the Manning Award (twice), took home the Davey O’Brien Award (twice), picked up the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award in his final year as a collegian, and did the heavy lifting for Clemson against Alabama in two national championship games — including one in which his team emerged as victorious. Believe me when I say I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but to not give this prospect the time of day coming out of college is massive oversight and could ultimately be one of those things a franchise never shakes.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
  • Wins by the Texans and Titans on sets up Chiefs-Texans as next Sunday’s AFC Divisional Round game. Yep, that means a Patrick Mahomes vs. Deshaun Watson sequel will be on our plates one week from today. The first go-around earlier this year was fun to watch.
  • Josh Allen made history on Saturday …

  • … but he also threw a jump-ball to a fullback who was double-covered. I’m not sure I would have a working television set if my favorite team’s quarterback did the same thing.
  • Take a look at the penalty that everyone was tweeting about yesterday afternoon:

  • Here is the sure sign of an awful call: A neutral party as myself identified it immediately (as did everyone else with functioning eyes who was watching that game). What is No. 70 to do? Just allow No. 54 to go unabated to the quarterback? Are you supposed to stop blocking? I understand why the illegal blindside block rule was put into effect, but that play should be used as Exhibit A as to why it needs to be tweaked.
  • This was not Booger McFarland’s finest moment:

  • From one Booger to another:

  • Best wishes and happy birthday to “Mama Bear”

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