Brady Wants Back, the XFL Rules Kinda Rock, Details on BoJack's Extension, and Other Bears Bullets

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Brady Wants Back, the XFL Rules Kinda Rock, Details on BoJack’s Extension, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Car repairs call for an order of spiked cocoa this morning. Once the bill comes, we’ll see if a second round is in order to soften the blow or to celebrate a pleasant surprise.

  • Tom Brady wants back in, so suggests Tom Brady via Tom Brady’s Instagram page:

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I just wanted to say to all of our fans, THANK YOU! After a few days of reflection, I am so grateful and humbled by the unconditional support you have shown me the past two decades. Running out of that tunnel every week is a feeling that is hard to explain. I wish every season ended in a win, but that’s not the nature of sports (or life). Nobody plays to lose. But the reward for working hard is just that, the work!! I have been blessed to find a career I love, teammates who go to battle with me, an organization that believes in me, and fans who have been behind us every step of the way. Every one of us that works at Gillette Stadium strived to do their best, spent themselves at a worthy cause, and prepared to fail while daring greatly (h/t Teddy Roosevelt). And for that, we’ve been rewarded with something that the scoreboard won’t show – the satisfaction of knowing we gave everything to each other in pursuit of a common goal. That is what TEAM is all about. In both life and football, failure is inevitable. You dont always win. You can, however, learn from that failure, pick yourself up with great enthusiasm, and place yourself in the arena again. And that’s right where you will find me. Because I know I still have more to prove.

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  • “In both life and football, failure is inevitable. You don’t always win. You can, however, learn from that failure, pick yourself up with great enthusiasm, and place yourself in the arena again. And that’s right where you will find me. Because I know I still have more to prove.”
  • I was today years old when I learned Tom Brady was a fan of the Oxford comma.
  • Brady strongly hints he will be back in the NFL when the 2020 season opens up. But where does he end up? Will his arena still be Gillette Stadium? Or will he end up elsewhere? Is there a chance he could follow OC Josh McDaniels to his next destination? Would he be interested in wrapping up his career out west in California? There are so many questions to be answered now that we know Brady wants to play another season. It’s just that we won’t know the answers until sometime in March.
  • Until Brady’s next destination is confirmed, the Bears are going to come up in conversation as a possible landing spot. So with that in mind, I hope you’re bracing yourself for rumors that loosely attach Brady to the Bears. Finding a direct connection won’t be easy, but it is inevitable that it will happen, so long as the team has a Super Bowl caliber defense. For example, Peter King of NBC Sports writes the Bears should be interested in Brady, but that bringing Brady in on a two-year deal “would be the end of Mitchell Trubisky, which the brass there seems loathe to do.” In that being, the Chargers, Colts, Titans, and Raiders are on King’s list of teams that could be future possibilities for Brady’s next home.
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  • From a guy some Bears fans wish the team had to one the team jut signed to an extension, the folks at have details, nuggets, and tidbits regarding Eddie Jackson’s contract extension. Among the most noteworthy points is that Jackson will get a bit of a raise for the 2020 season. His base salary was expected to be $735,000, but would have jumped to about $2.144 million based on Proven Performance Escalator clauses that are in rookie contracts. In case you’re not familiar with what those are, stellar play from Nick Kwiatkoski and Jordan Howard kick-started a PPE clauses in their respective deals. As for Jackson, he will get a $1.050 base salary in 2020, along with a $2,566,4562 in prorated bonus money, and a boost in his cap number to $3,716,452. That should help the Bears a little bit for 2020, but it’s worth noting that cap hit jumps to $11.45 million in 2021. Check out the deal in more detail here.
  • Smash the RT button for the Bears’ leading receiver, please:

  • One of the great moments in NFL history happened on this date in 2011:

  • And a week later, Jay Cutler and the Bears carved up the Seahawks in a Divisional Round victory that sent Chicago to the NFC Championship Game. Unfortunately, the Bears lost that game (and so much more, as it turns out).
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  • If Joe Mantegna was going to be in a movie based on the Bears Superfans skit, I would have been first in line to see it:

  • I miss when Joe Burrow had a Day 2 draft projection:

  • This is a pretty big get for the Senior Bowl:

  • Oregon’s Justin Herbert is a sure-fire first-round pick who will likely land in the top-15, if not top-10. Getting one more chance to strut his stuff at the premier college football showcase event could boost his draft stock and cement him as a top-tier pick. Herbert wasn’t going to be in a place for the Bears to draft him this spring, but that won’t stop us from keeping tabs on how he performs in the pre-draft process.
  • Your favorite professional football league would never:

  • At its core, the NFL is a copycat league. But I would be lying to myself if I didn’t think some of these rules the XFL is rolling out for its re-boot later in 2020 aren’t worth adapting into the NFL. Improving pace of play, adding action to some of the game’s most lackluster parts, having football players decide end-of-game outcomes instead of letting a coin flip do the work. That kind of madness could actually work.
  • Adam Amin, who you might know as the guy who does Bears preseason play-by-play stuff, is getting a few more cracks at being the Bulls’ TV play-by-play voice in the next two months:

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