PFF Pegs Jameis Winston as the One Free Agent for the Bears This Offseason ... I Don't See It

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PFF Pegs Jameis Winston as the One Free Agent for the Bears This Offseason … I Don’t See It

Chicago Bears

Between free agents, possible trade targets, and draft-eligible prospects, there is no shortage of avenues down which the Chicago Bears can travel to round out their quarterback room.

So as long uncertainty surrounds Mitch Trubisky – and two spots remain open behind him on the depth chart – it’s fair to expect the Bears to be connected to any number of signal callers over the offseason. But still … some make more sense than others. And I’m not sure Jameis Winston is the former.

But that’s exactly what the folks at Pro Football Focus are saying. Seriously.

In a post titled “One free agent each NFL team needs to pursue in the 2020 offseason,” author Anthony Treash believes Winston is the player the Bears should seek in order to solve their quarterback problem in 2020. And while PFF often positions itself as a logical, numbers-based beacon of football information, this ain’t it.

Among the ideas written in a snapshot that I imagine is supposed to push the idea of Winston as a sensible Bears target:

  • “Jameis has been arguably the most volatile quarterback PFF has ever seen …”
  • “Since Winston came into the league in 2015, he ranks first in positively graded play rate and posted the second worst negatively graded play rate at the same time.”
  • “Winston’s decision making absolutely needs some work.”

Winston is one of the most talented and gifted quarterbacks in the league, and I’m sure there is a case to be made that his best football is ahead of him.

But the last thing the 2020 Bears need is volatility and inconsistency at quarterback, as they already have shades of that in Trubisky. Take a moment to think about it. Even at his best (because being first in positively graded play rate is good), having the second worst negatively graded play rate is bad. Full stop. And that we’re still talking about the inconsistency that has plagued Winston since his rookie season is problematic.

The Bears are already working through a quarterback trying, himself, to work through problems that have popped up since his first start in the pros. So what would their interest be in doing it with someone else on what might be a more expensive contract (even if it is just a one-year pact)?

Frankly, this whole thing could have been put to bed, as any time an argument offers up “what’s the worst that could happen?” as reasoning is one that probably doesn’t need to be made in the first place.

In the end, I suppose spotlighting Winston as a possible fit or target speaks volumes about the perception of the Bears’ quarterback situation. As does the fact that we have explored the six Senior Bowl quarterbacks, veterans about to hit free agency for the first time such as Tom Brady and Philip Rivers, a prospect who idolized Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers growing up, a connection to Andy Dalton, and speculation connecting Marcus Mariota among several external options to remodel the quarterbacks room through the first 21 days of January,

But Jameis Winston? Really? That’s PFF’s answer to the Bears’ quarterbacking conundrum? Come on, now. I’m open to just about anything, but this one doesn’t vibe at all.

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Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.