Senior Bowl's Best, BoJack's Inside Look at the Pro Bowl, Vikings New OC, and Other Bears Bullets

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Senior Bowl’s Best, BoJack’s Inside Look at the Pro Bowl, Vikings New OC, and Other Bears Bullets

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I understand that jury duty is a 200-year-old tradition. And that the concept of trial by a jury of your peers is unique and sacred. But has anyone thought about the downside of people who may or may not know the laws or how to apply them (let alone agree with them) deciding a case? Seems awfully risky. (Michael: You still have to go, Luis.)

  • A neat twist in figuring out the best of the best at the Senior Bowl has the Players of the Week voted on by the position group against which they competed in practice. And for the South Team, you’ll see some names who’ve been previously connected to the Bears. Check it out:

  • It’s worth noting that the Bears have reportedly already met with tight ends Jared Pinkney and Brycen Hopkins, as well as inside linebacker prospect Akeem Davis-Gaither (more on him later today). It’s also worth mentioning that two quarterbacks with prior, loose-ish connections to Chicago (Jordan Love, Jalen Hurts) have also been standout performers during practice this week at the Senior Bowl. Just because underclassmen tend to be the stars of the draft doesn’t mean anyone should be overlooking Seniors who take their talents to Mobile, Ala., for the biggest college football draft prospect showcase in the land. Here’s hoping the Bears are making the best of their meetings.
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  • With the Senior Bowl on tap tomorrow, I figured this felt like a good time to share Matt Miller’s pre-Senior Bowl top-30 prospects list:

  • Four first-round caliber quarterbacks is eye-catching. If a quarterback the Bears like drops to a spot where they want to take him, then that’s good news. If a bunch of quarterbacks go early and it happens to unexpectedly push a prospect down to a place where the Bears are drafting, so be it. No matter how the draft breaks down, the Bears should be in a good position to pounce with their selections in Round 2.
  • Seeing two running backs in the top-30 is encouraging for the Bears’ draft prospects, too. The more players who get drafted at positions the Bears aren’t desperate to fill should mean more available prospects at positions the Bears might want to draft should be available. That’s good news.
  • This is a noteworthy change in the process of interviewing draft prospects:

  • The other “bowl” game happening this weekend is the Pro Bowl, where Eddie Jackson is doing it big with a unique perspective on what’s going on:

  • Meanwhile, an old friend is living his best life at the Pro Bowl:

  • I’m sure season-ticket-holder Bears fans are tired of seeing different variations of this letter:

  • Is Lake Forest ready for the waves of bears fans who could be strolling through for training camp? I’m to convinced, but the folks up there are ready to embrace what’s coming their way:

  • Gary Kubiak, who won a Super Bowl as the Broncos’ head coach before health issues pushed him to resign, is back in football as the Vikings’ offensive coordinator:

  • This is a thread:

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