Andy Reid Got His Gatorade Shower! And Other Bears Bullets

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Andy Reid Got His Gatorade Shower! And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Sure, I’m happy with the result of the props and futures bets I made connected to yesterday’s football game. But I’m most proud that all the cookies I baked for my Super Bowl party were gone by the end of game. There were other desserts left on that table, but not the ones made by yours truly. I guess someone liked them!

  • If cosmic forces were in play, the Bears would have been playing in Super Bowl LIV. The 54th edition big game took place on Papa Bear Halas’ birthday, 34 years after the team’s last (and to this point, only) Super Bowl triumph. It just wasn’t meant to be, in part, because real life isn’t as fun as the movies.
  • With that being said, it’s impossible not to feel good for Andy Reid. Winning the Super Bowl was a long time coming for the Chiefs head coach, who had won 221 games, led teams that posted 10+ wins 14 times, made 15 postseason appearances, and came oh-so-close on so many occasions. A lot had to happen for the Chiefs to come from behind, erase a double-digit fourth-quarter deficit, and win by double digits. And it did. I’m just not certain it would have happened without Reid’s guidance.
  • Save for folks in San Francisco, I imagine the NFL fraternity is saluting Reid for his excellence. Among modern head coaches, who has moved the game forward more than Reid? He helped create a window of sustained success for two franchises, has a coaching tree that is the gold standard in the game, has opened a window to innovative offenses, and has provided second chances to players who earned them along the way. When you put that much good into the football universe, you had to know you were eventually going to get it back in some way, shape, or form. Granted, it doesn’t always happen that way … but it did last night.
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  • We really don’t talk enough about how the 49ers passed on Patrick Mahomes to draft Solomon Thomas. Or that they also traded a draft pick that turned out to be Alvin Kamara in the same draft. It’s almost as if pobody’s nerfect on draft weekend.
  • The 49ers blew a double-digit fourth quarter lead, and Riley McAtee has the details on how the coughed it up:

  • Super Bowls are rough for Kyle Shanahan:

  • Gosh, this miss looked awfully familiar:

  • Jimmy Garoppolo missed a layup, and it will likely haut him for a long time.
  • And yet, let’s not allow the 49ers defense to get off the hook here. That unit allowed 21 points in the fourth quarter. So at least Jimmy G. doesn’t have to shoulder all the blame.
  • On the other side of the quarterbacking ledger, it’s not like Mahomes was great from start to finish. But that he was great when the game was on the line was what mattered most. Leading that comeback after looking off the entire game was impressive. That’s how you end up winning Super Bowl MVP.
  • This résumé is most impressive:

  • He’s just getting started, isn’t he?
  • All I can do is chuckle:

  • Each of the Chiefs’ playoff wins came after the team fell behind by double digits. They also won each of those games by at least 10 points. And for you gambling types, they covered each game after trailing by 10+ points. What a team. What a ride.
  • I would like to talk about the history of offensive football with Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy:

  • How Bieniemy didn’t get a head-coaching job this offseason is beyond me. He was in the same role Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy were in before they got their respective chances. The Rooney Rule is supposed to open the door for assistants like Bieniemy, but too many teams do the bare minimum to comply before turning elsewhere. And that’s a shame. Bieniemy clearly deserves a shot.
  • It must’ve been the shoes:

  • It’s never too early to look toward next year’s values:

  • I think the boss liked the Super Bowl halftime show:

  • When you’d rather be at a Super Bowl party, but are stuck hanging with Jim Boylen:

  • A nice pre-game moment:

Author: Luis Medina

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