Robinson Is the Goods, Mack's Not Moving, Dalton Chatter, Money Matters, and Other Bears Bullets

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Robinson Is the Goods, Mack’s Not Moving, Dalton Chatter, Money Matters, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

This is the time of year where store-bought chocolate-covered strawberries tend to go up in price. But if you’re willing to make them yourself, you can save money *AND* receive the satisfaction of a job well done. I’m just saying …

  • Allen Robinson is so good (how good is he!?) Allen Robinson is so good that playing on one of football’s lowest-scoring offenses didn’t keep him off Pro Football Focus’ list of 101 best players. The Chicago Bears’ top pass-catching option led the team in targets, catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns in a season in which Mitch Trubisky’s production suffered major decline. This probably shouldn’t be overlooked. And while I’ll admit the Bears have needs at other positions, one of their offseason priorities should be to give Robinson the extension he deserves. Because no matter who is quarterbacking the Bears moving forward, they need to be throwing to No. 12.
  • If this is how it works, then Bears fans need to start requesting for a Robinson extension immediately:

  • Robinson wasn’t alone in the top-101, as teammate Khalil Mack checks in at No. 48 on the list. In 2018, Mack was a top-10 performer in PFF’s grade book. And even though he didn’t play to that level in 2019, Mack was still a force to be reckon with. As PFF’s Sam Monson writes: “It says something about the quality of Khalil Mack that a relative “down year” for him still sees him end the season with an overall PFF grade of 86.2 and 70 total pressures.” Yep. the guy still has it.
  • Do you want to laugh today? Of course you do. Take a moment to put “Khalil Mack” in the Twitter search bar and try not to have a hearty chuckle at the people who show up as buying the narrative of the Bears shopping Mack hook, line, and sinker. Good luck. You’re gonna be laughing for the rest of the day.
  • There are times where obvious things need to be said:

  • No one loves the rumor mill as much as yours truly, as it can often provide an avenue to discuss different scenarios that could play out over a given time period. But there’s a difference between that and what some are doing in pedaling these Mack rumors.
  • And if you needed any more reason as to why Mack isn’t moving, here ya go:

  • I got a kick out of this:

  • For all the criticisms of Andy Dalton (and I’ve read them all in your comments), it is wild to think about his résumé being that of a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback with two 4,000-yard passing seasons under his belt, and being skilled enough to engineer a stretch in which he led the Bengals to the postseason five straight years. Let that sink in for a moment. Dalton quarterbacked the Bengals to the postseason in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Can you recall the last time the Bears made the playoffs five years in a row? It hasn’t happened since the 1980s. In fact, the Bears have made the postseason in consecutive years just twice since then. it is almost mind-boggling that Dalton has the reputation he has given his success with the Bengals, of all teams.
  • Perspective: The Bears have made the postseason five times since 2001. Dalton has quarterbacked the freaking Bengals to the playoffs five times since 2011. It’s mind-numbing if you sit down and think about it.
  • Colin Kaepernick once quarterbacked the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Now, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets Kaepernick is preparing to release a memoir through his own publishing company. Good for him.
  • A situation worth watching, even though it is happening at the college level:

  • Mel Tucker is getting paiiiiiiiiiid:

  • That will more than double what was his reported salary at Colorado, which is nuts if your memory of him consists of his defenses getting torched in Chicago.
  • I crossed paths with Rich Campbell while I was at the Tribune. In addition to being a great reporter, Campbell was an excellent teammate. Most reporters don’t get to leave the industry on their own terms. I’m glad he does. Best wishes:

Author: Luis Medina

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