Grading an Average Rookie Class, Olsen's Final Three, Fuller's Peak, and Other Bears Bullets

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Grading an Average Rookie Class, Olsen’s Final Three, Fuller’s Peak, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Meeting your idols is cool:

That Woj knew who the Salukis were blew me away. And the live podcast (which also featured Chicago’s Patrick Beverley) was quite the treat. Onward.

  • It was disappointing not seeing Zach LaVine participate in the dunk contest last night. But based on the dunks that were being thrown down last night, I’m not convinced he would’ve had enough to knock off the best of the best and win it all. He probably would’ve needed to jump over Spice Adams in order to bring home a title, which would have made for great content.
  • Dunking over this mountain of a man would’ve gotten all 10s from the judges:

  • There’s been plenty of dunking on the Chicago Bears’ rookie class of 2019. Outside of David Montgomery, the Bears didn’t get much from that group. One of their picks spent the whole year on the practice squad, another ended the season as the Steelers’ backup running back. Again, save for Montgomery’s emergence as Chicago’s lead back, the class of 2019 wasn’t much to write home about. And yet, Gennaro Filice of gave the group a “C+” grade. More surprising than that was the Lions grading out *WORSE* than the Bears. Detroit’s “C” grade was the worst in the division. When your team has a top-10 pick and eight other picks after that, and your grade is still the worst in the division, you’ve done something terribly wrong. Then again, you’re probably not doing yourself any favors when you’re drafting tight ends in the top-10 twice in a six-year period. Detroit needs T.J. Hockenson to be healthy and good moving forward. Otherwise, the Lions will be in search of a new GM-head coach tandem soon.
  • Speaking of tight ends, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports free agent Greg Olsen is done with his visits and that contract negotiations have begun with Buffalo, Washington, and Seattle. No Bears, eh? I bet Olsen is disappointed in that (lack of) development. Injuries have slowed Olsen down in recent years, so perhaps that’s a reason as to why the Bears haven’t come calling? Just thinking out loud here.
  • Part of me wishes the Bears would have given Olsen the time of day and angled for a reunion of sorts. But part of me also wants Olsen to go to a place where he can continue his career without living in the past. Do you, Olsen. And never look back!
  • Happy birthday, Kyle Fuller! Let’s enjoy some highlights:

  • Fuller’s grade at PFF dipped from the All-Pro season he had in 2018. And there were some rough moments that made Bears fans cringe. But it’s tough for me to think about Fuller’s 2019 season as a net negative. Fuller still played well enough to merit Pro Bowl consideration (and an eventual selection) and is still young enough to be considered in the prime of his career. There’s a decent chance the 2019 season was a blip on the radar. If that’s what it turns out to be, then a Pro Bowl season being a blip isn’t the worst thing in the world. But if last year is the start of a decline phase, then the Bears’ secondary could be in trouble in due time.
  • Even with Fuller being (at minimum) an above average player, Chicago should still look to upgrade the secondary. The two Super Bowl teams had depth and skill throughout the defensive backfield. And it’s not all about covering, either. Finding defensive backs who can cover, tackle with efficiency, and contribute on special teams when they’re not starting should be something the Bears’ front office looks into adding to their team this offseason.
  • Keepin’ it in the family: Bears center Cody Whitehair purchased teammate Leonard Floyd’s home, according to the Chicago Tribune. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during those negotiations.
  • Did you know that Rex Grossman had a better passer rating in the 2006 postseason than Super Bowl XLI counterpart Peyton Manning? Well, now you know. That is just one of the more interesting statistical nuggets unearthed by Larry Mayer of the Bears’ official website.
  • The replies to this tweet are exactly what you would have expected:

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