Happy NFL Combine Week! And Other Bears Bullets

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Happy NFL Combine Week! And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m not prepared to return to winter after two days of fake spring, but the sooner winter gets this junk out of its system, the better.

  • Combine Week is here. It’s one of the most important times of the year for NFL front office types, who have 337 of college football’s best players under one roof for evaluation. Yes, there will be an obsession over measurements, weigh-ins, timed speeds, lifts, and things of that nature. But let’s not overlook the importance of the medical evaluations and individual interviews. Those two aspects might be what makes or breaks a prospect’s status.
  • This is also the time when we’ll get an inkling of which teams are meeting with what prospects. Just because a team is meeting with a prospect doesn’t mean they’re taking them in this draft, as many (if not all) general managers take what they glean from interviewees they don’t draft and put it away for a time down the line. And just because a team isn’t meeting with a prospect doesn’t mean they’re on their radar. Some of these meetings aren’t publicly known until later down the line. Even still … it’s a good time to  be alert.
  • On-field workouts don’t begin until Thursday, when quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends take center stage. Unlike previous years when workouts were done in the morning, the on-field stuff is taking place in prime-time. Anything for ratings, I guess.
  • Dane Brugler (The Athletic) has a thorough guide to this week’s Scouting Combine.
  • The Associated Press outlines things that are different this year:

  • Interesting that the Rams and Broncos are leaving their assistants behind to watch drills on televised broadcasts and check out taped interviews. Anything to save a buck, I suppose. But what’s $50,000 in savings to a team worth hundreds of millions of dollars?
  • What a life:

  • And here come the quarterback measurables:

  • Meanwhile, Tua Tagovailoa seems to be moving well:

  • Don’t go putting Hunter Bryant’s name as the undisputed top tight end of this draft class, as Notre Dame’s Cole Kmet wants to make his case, too:

  • And he’s not the only Notre Dame product who could be making waves this week:

  • The Bears could use a red zone target. Or two.
  • Inside Ron Rivera’s move to our nation’s capital to coach football:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.