The Bears Have Had Internal Conversations About Extending Allen Robinson

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The Bears Have Had Internal Conversations About Extending Allen Robinson

Chicago Bears

Where is Wayne Brady when you need him, because I’m looking at the Chicago Bears and Allen Robinson as needing to come together on a Chicago’s very own edition of “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Previously, Robinson has expressed a desire to sign an extension that would keep him in Chicago. Sure, there are hurdles (lookin’ at you unresolved CBA) to clear before getting it done, but it sure sounds like both sides have a similar desire.

Here’s the latest from the Bears’ side of things:

Bears GM Ryan Pace confirmed the obvious when he told reporters at his Tuesday press conference the team had internal discussions on (and desires for) an extension for Robinson, the team’s leading receiver.

So, to recap: (1) Robinson wants an extension to stay in Chicago and (2) the Bears want to keep Robinson “for a long time.” Boom! That settles it! Someone draw up the paperwork, grab some pens of a desk, put the two parties in a room, and have them sign off on a deal that makes both happy.

Oh, if it were only *THAT* easy.

The lack of a collective bargaining agreement beyond the 2020 season is something of a hangup. At a minimum, Robinson, 26, seems content and willing to wait out the finalizing of that process before coming together on a long-term deal.

Meanwhile, Chicago’s front office would probably prefer to get a deal done on the sooner side of things. A hypothetical extension that would be signed now could allow the Bears to lower Robinson’s 2020 cap hit, manipulate the salary cap and better position the front office to create ample space to better spend on the team, all while rewarding the team’s best offensive player with a handsome contract.

As it stands, estimates the Bears currently have around $18 million in cap space. But that number will go up to an estimated $26 million once Kyle Long’s deal officially comes off the books.

In any case, getting a deal done with Robinson would be great for the team, player, and fans who would love to discuss something beyond what’s happening (or not happening) at the quarterback position.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.