Small School Crushes, Dalton's Other Options, Trestman Gets a Dub, and Other Bears Bullets

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Small School Crushes, Dalton’s Other Options, Trestman Gets a Dub, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I tried something new on the grill yesterday.

In a most unconventional way to make mashed potatoes, I took red potatoes, seasoned them with extra virgin olive oil and a bunch of herbs from my cabinet, grilled them for an hour or so, brought them back into the house, smashed them, tossed in some milk and butter, then — BOOM! — dinner time. I’m definitely trying that again sometime soon.

  • This is a Jeremy Chinn Fan Site now:

  • Chinn’s time as an under-the-radar prospect is over. The guy is here and is about to get some serious draft consideration. Chinn has size, speed, athleticism, and pedigree that comes with being unanimous All-American (even if it’s at the Football Championship Subdivision level). The game tape shows a solid safety prospect, while the Scouting Combine performance is only going to boost his stock. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without mentioning how the Bears need a safety, but you knew where I was going with this as soon as I made a mention of it.
  • Give GM Ryan Pace credit for this: He knows safety play. You already know that Eddie Jackson has been an absolute steal of a fourth-round pick. And Adrian Amos was a solid selection as a fifth-rounder out of Penn State in 2015. Deon Bush and DeAndre Houston-Carson were decent additions in the 2016 NFL Draft. Neither grew into a full-time starting role, but that doesn’t mean the picks weren’t good. Both players turned into core special teams members, while Bush was a serviceable spot starter when called upon. There are other position groups that might give you pause when Pace is on the clock to make a pick, but he has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to drafting safeties.
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  • Will Dewitt of The Chicago Audible catches up with edge rusher prospect LaDarius Hamilton, who says he would love to play next to Khalil Mack. I’ll have to dig into some more tape and background on the North Texas product, but ranking sixth in sacks and tackles-for-loss in school history is a good place to start. And as one of six edge rusher prospects who confirmed with The Chicago Audible that they have met with the Bears, perhaps Hamilton could be on their radar as a draft pick. Just don’t knock him down a peg because you haven’t watched the Mean Green play football. Now is a time to be open to all sorts of prospect possibilities, because you never know which stars will shine in the right opportunity.
  • As a reminder, Khalil Mack played his college ball at Buffalo. So, yeah … don’t underestimate the small school dudes for a second.
  • For all the Bears-Jaguars comps over the last year or so, it’s conveniently ignored how Chicago has done a good job at retaining its most talented players (and they actually want to be there!). The same cannot be the said for the team in Jacksonville:

  • The Jaguars are on the Bears’ schedule this year because teams from the NFC North play their counterparts in the AFC South. If this one isn’t a win for the Bears, someone will have some explaining to do.
  • Also, there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from the Jaguars’ fall: Do not — and I cannot stress this enough — give big money to a quarterback who has legitimate questions. It can be the downfall of everything else you’ve created from a team-building standpoint. Learn from your own mistakes by learning from those made by others. Just a thought.
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  • Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Hub:

  • I suppose the alternative here is the Bears end up in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, or a quarterback to be named later. Hmmmm…
  • NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport with the update on the Andy Dalton trade market:

  • Alright, so Dalton could ultimately get his pick of the litter when the Bengals decide to make a trade. And the Bears aren’t the only team in the mix. The Colts and Patriots being interested parties makes sense. But imagine going from Tom Brady to Dalton if you’re a Pats fan. Or from Andrew Luck to Dalton if you’re a Colts supporter. This is less of a knock on Dalton, and more about the optics at play. Being the man who follows The Man is no fun.
  • Jokic is gonna mess around and get a tryout for the Broncos if he keeps dropping dimes like this:

  • This place better be ready by the time the Bears roll into town to play the Rams later this year:

  • It happened:

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