Wut: Bears Reportedly Having Dinner Tonight in Chicago with Eli Manning (UPDATE: Nope)

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Wut: Bears Reportedly Having Dinner Tonight in Chicago with Eli Manning (UPDATE: Nope)

Chicago Bears

After a very successful 16-year career, Eli Manning retired earlier this year.

I say that up front because it is probably the most important predicate for this:


Even as the Bears want to bring in some competition for Mitch Trubisky, and even as that might take the form of an established veteran, no, I am not currently suspecting this is about the Bears trying to woo Manning out of retirement. Setting aside the logistical questions, there’s the reality that Manning’s performance has been mixed, at best, for the last five years, and he was supplanted by Daniel Jones this year.

That said, it’s a little odd that Manning would be in Chicago dining with the Bears right now, isn’t it? Is he already moving on to his post-playing opportunities? Do the Bears want to bring him in as some kind of … consultant? Are they just picking his brain tonight for whatever reason? Or is he really under consideration as a veteran arm to bring in as competition/a back-up for Trubisky?

I guess we’ll keep an eye on this because it’s odd. Very odd. If it’s true at all …

UPDATE: A note on where the info is coming from, as Wright is not saying HE’S saying:

UPDATE 2: LOL, this was bizarre while it lasted:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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