Legal Sports Betting Coming to Chicagoland, CBA Twists and Turns, Processing QB Fits, and Other Bears Bullets

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Legal Sports Betting Coming to Chicagoland, CBA Twists and Turns, Processing QB Fits, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Yesterday put the “mad” in Arch Madness. I’ll leave it at that.

  • The proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement has been polarizing, to say the least. So much so, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler tweets there are a number of owners who are rooting for it to not pass when it goes to player vote. That would be considered an odd development since the owners pushed through with a majority the CBA that is being considered by the players. HOWEVER, the owner-proposed CBA did not get passed unanimously. Perhaps owners who didn’t green-light this proposal are the ones wanting it not to pass when it goes to the players’ vote.
  • I’m also uncomfortable with the idea that the owners are rooting for the deal a majority of them voted for to fall apart so they can re-negotiate a deal that would be more beneficial to them — notably a deal that would bring an 18-game schedule to the league. That’s pretty gross and selfish if you ask me.
  • On the players side, this boggles my mind:

  • The idea of electing a new NFLPA president *AFTER* a CBA vote doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe this is going down because the NFLPA knows it is time for a new leader and the transitional period after a CBA gets passed is a natural time to make it happen. It still feels odd.
  • While we’re in a place where we are challenging my brain with football thoughts, Matt Harmon (Yahoo! Sports) has what he believes are the most logical fits for 20 free agents set to hit the market later this month. Tom Brady and the Raiders? It vibes. Philip Rivers and the Colts? Makes sense. Jameis Winston to the Bears? Ehhhhh. I don’t know about that one, my friend. We’ve often talked about QB fits for the Bears, but Winston hasn’t been perceived as an ideal fit. Winston’s turnover-prone ways and off-field concerns are two red flags that I have long felt would keep the Bears from pursuing the first player picked in the 2015 NFL Draft. And yet, this is the second time this offseason an NFL writer has come with the angle that the Bears are an ideal fit for Winston. It still doesn’t rock with me. But rather than re-hash it here, you can read my thoughts on it from earlier in the offseason.
  • Also, I acknowledge Austin Hooper as a fit for the Packers. But I hate it, so thanks for asking!
  • Ben Linsey (PFF) disagrees on the perfect QB fit for the Bears, opining that Marcus Mariota would be the ideal match for Chicago’s football team. It’s wild to think about how highly Mariota graded in the 2017 (12th) and 2018 (17th) seasons on the PFF grading scale. It makes you wonder – if given the right environment – there could be another gear to Mariota’s game.
  • Had Bobby Massie not been locked in to an extension last offseason, then I’d probably be beating down the door for Bryan Bulaga as a possible Bears free agent target:

  • I’m enamored with Jacob Eason’s arm strength, but I have my reservations regarding him as a Bears fit in the draft. Questions about his processing remain, but he is pretty battle tested for a college prospect after who he endured to get to this point in the first place:

  • Eason could go as high as some point in the first round, but is far from a lock. He could be available in Round 2, where he could be plucked by the Bears with one of their two picks. Once free agency’s first few waves let us know where the quarterbacks are going, we’ll take a deeper dive into this draft class of signal callers.
  • A reminder that five quarterbacks going in the first round is a real possibility:

  • Legal sports betting is coming the Chicagoland area:

  • Better late than never. I hope the tax money that comes through via this goes to the right places for the greater good of the growth of this state. Otherwise … you know what, I’m going to keep thinking positive here. Let’s not even speak the idea of negatives into existence. Positive vibes only.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing the Rivers Casino sports book in Des Plaines and making some sort of wager to help kick off festivities. Super Bears, Super Bowl? Let’s see what kind of value will be out there after an 8-8 year. Surely, the oddsmakers won’t have the 2020 Bears among the favorites. I’ll take a stab at guessing a number, placing the Bears somewhere between 25/1 and 30/1. That number feels right as a place in the middle.
  • Guess you can cross the Chargers off the list of possible fits for Melvin Gordon:

  • Anyone interested?

Author: Luis Medina

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