Chris Simms Predicts Teddy Bridgewater to Wind Up With ... The Bears

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Chris Simms Predicts Teddy Bridgewater to Wind Up With … The Bears

Chicago Bears

Hey, so predictions are only predictions, and no pundit is going to have a perfect track record. Still, it’s interesting to see where their informed speculation takes them (and, hey, Chris Simms *did* have a little inside dish on the 49ers and Tom Brady).

So anyway, here’s NBC analyst Chris Simms taking a swing at the top free agent quarterbacks on the market, and, hey, I recognize that guy and that team:

That’s Teddy Bridgewater predicted to land with the Bears, who are known to be looking for a quality quarterback to compete with Mitch Trubisky (and possibly supplant him if there isn’t substantial progress). Simms admitted in the associated video pod that Bridgewater is the hardest guy to peg in free agency, and he doesn’t necessarily see a lot of teams bringing him in as the starter (not sure I agree there). So instead, in Simms’ view, Bridgewater will look to the best team situation where there’s also a shaky QB situation – and the Bears are that team.

And obviously Bridgewater, just 27, is one of those extremely rare possible “quarterbacks of the future” you can land in free agency. You don’t get too many opportunities like this. Luis took a deeper look at Bridgewater earlier this offseason.

(via Pro Football Reference)

So, sure, absent any other considerations, there’s a clear on-paper fit here: starting-caliber free agent quarterback goes to a team that kinda low-key probably wants that.

The big question, of course, is whether the quarterback market’s continued rapid ascent – look at the Ryan Tannehill deal! – means that you just cannot get a guy like Bridgewater to sign shy of getting at least average starter money. And in that world, I really don’t see the Bears having a chance to make that work, unless they get REALLY creative with their cap number. It is possible, but there are a lot of needs to go around on this roster, and only two draft picks in the top 139 selections.

But hey, maybe Bridgewater winds up getting something more like two years and $20ish million guaranteed per year? It’s conceivable the Bears could make that work, but only if it turns out he’s *the* guy Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy want, and you’d have to know at that point that you’re giving up on Trubisky.

More likely, I’m thinking if you really want Bridgewater for the Bears, you just really have to cross your fingers that several other interested teams out there do not see him as a long-term starter in this league, and thus his price tag comes way, way down.

To me, if the Bears go the “yeah, that guy is probably the Day One starter” route, I’d rather see a trade for Derek Carr.

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