QB Rumors: Bears Focused on Foles and Dalton? Patience Might Pay, Brady and the Bucs, Brissett, More

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QB Rumors: Bears Focused on Foles and Dalton? Patience Might Pay, Brady and the Bucs, Brissett, More

Chicago Bears

The quarterback market continued its spiral today, with Tom Brady announcing he was leaving the Patriots, Teddy Bridgewater getting close to a deal with the Panthers, those same Panthers giving Cam Newton the boot, Philip Rivers heading to the Colts, and the Bears … well, it was largely quiet on that front today.

Here’s the latest on the QB market …

  • With guys like Bridgewater (probably), Marcus Mariota, and Case Keenum off the market, unless the Bears are going to make a run at Cam Newton, it seems most likely that they’re eventually going to make a move for Nick Foles or Andy Dalton:

  • If the Bears do go that route, it’s a pretty fair guess that they will also pick up a quarterback (developmental, or maybe even trading up to the very back of the first round) in the draft:

  • Either way, it probably pays to be patient at this point:

  • As Stankevitz points out, there is still the very small chance that a guy like Derek Carr becomes available (despite the Mariota signing), or the more likely chance that the market gets crushed eventually for Foles or Dalton or even Jacoby Brissett after the Colts signed Rivers. Patience could pay off.
  • Note, by the way, that Biggs’ tweet came before the Rivers signing, so, again, you do start to wonder about Brissett as an intriguing target. Of course, it’s possible the Patriots will now look to bring him back to replace Brady for the time being.
  • As for Brady, everyone waits:

  • The thinking, though, is that Brady is eventually going to wind up with the Buccaneers:

  • Oh, by the way, yes I’ve seen this, and no I absolutely 100% do not buy the part about Bridgewater being concerned about competition. If the Bears were going to sign Bridgewater for $20 million annually, he would be coming in as the starter, period:

Author: Brett Taylor

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