LOL: Cordarrelle Patterson Is Trying To Recruit Star Football Players to Chicago ... on Twitter

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LOL: Cordarrelle Patterson Is Trying To Recruit Star Football Players to Chicago … on Twitter

Chicago Bears

The career span of the average NFL player is decidedly short.

Even most of the greats have a limited time frame in which they perform at the peak of their powers. Because of that, I feel as if we’re seeing an up-tick in players taking time during their prime years to dabble into other aspects of the game, so they are prepared for a career after football. In all honestly, it is a head-strong move by forward-thinking players. There’s nothing wrong with positioning yourself with a gig in the game after your playing days are done while still in the game.

In that vein, have you been keeping up with what Cordarrelle Patterson has been doing this week?

The Bears’ all-world return specialist has playfully gone on the recruiting trail at the start of the new league year:


Admittedly, Patterson has struggled in his first foray into team-building …

… but that shouldn’t slow him down. Think about it. Raise your hand if you didn’t struggle in the tiniest bit in your first swings at a new gig? That’s what I thought! Keep on keeping on, Cordarrelle.

The most encouraging thing here is that it is clear Patterson isn’t going to turn away after few unsuccessful overtures in the early going. And that is a good sign for a prospective GM hire. You’re not going to win them all, but you can’t land the big fish new addition if you’re not willing to put yourself out there in the first place. It’s full speed ahead for one of the league’s fastest dudes:

Godspeed, No. 84. You’ll make a great general manager whenever your playing career is in the books.

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Author: Luis Medina

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