Nick Foles and Chase Daniel Have a Chat, Ruining Brett Favre's Retirement, QB Ratings, and Other Bears Bullets

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Nick Foles and Chase Daniel Have a Chat, Ruining Brett Favre’s Retirement, QB Ratings, and Other Bears Bullets

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Today’s attempt at finding a solution for quarantine-related funk: Using aromatherapy bath soap, body lotion, and candles. As for my working environment, I’m using a mediation app’s soundscapes to simulate different backgrounds. This morning, I’m using the “beach” background noise. Here’s hoping every little bit helps.

  • I bet seeing notifications that Chase Daniel was hosting Nick Foles for a live video chats had PR departments with the Lions and Bears tugging at their collars nervously like a 90’s cartoon character:

  • No, the Daniel-Foles chat didn’t unearth any big-picture outlooks into Mitch Trubisky, Foles’ future with the Bears, Daniel’s secrets to being a long-tenured backup QB, or even a window into what makes Foles sensational in the game’s biggest moments. But there were some unique perspectives from both players when it comes to their respective football lives. I would encourage you to give it a chunk of your time if you can get to it today.
  • There is also an interesting anecdote regarding Trubisky as a coffee drinker. That might not seem like much, but Trubisky doesn’t offer up much as far as unique personality traits are concerned. So every morsel we can get our hands on is going to be deemed as interesting on some level.
  • Foles also arrives in Chicago looking forward to saying “Bear Down” once again. Yes, once again. You see, “Bear Down” is a phrase that is *ALSO* connected to the University of Arizona as the school’s motto. It’s a unique story, to be sure. So Foles, a product of the University of Arizona, gets to say “Bear Down” with pride again.
  • Hall of Fame defensive back Rod Woodson seems fond of the Foles trade …

  • … and if a Hall of Fame stud likes the move enough to put it in his top-5 offseason moves, then perhaps I should be willing to open myself to it a little more than I had been prior to seeing his tweet. Keeping an open mind is an important thing to do in times like these.
  • Even still … seeing Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles in the same asset class has *ME* nervously tugging at my collar like a 90’s cartoon character:

  • I don’t love seeing the two current Bears quarterbacks *AND* a handful of their rumored offseason targets sitting in that group of players in the red. Because red is unsightly and bad. Not a fan. I also don’t like seeing one target who slipped away in a respectable place in the middle of the pack.
  • Maybe I like Teddy Bridgewater more than most, but he has long been known to play smart football, doesn’t pile up soul-crushing errors, and has spent the last few years being schooled by one of the best offensive minds in the game while sitting behind an all-time great quarterback. None of this is to say that Bridgewater was *THE* right decision or Foles was *THE* wrong one, but the metrics are what they are. I’m just sharing them.
  • Finally, some good news to come from the land of Da Bulls:

  • Having been lucky enough to grow up watching these teams, I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to watching the documentary. Having lived it and owning a good memory of what went down, I can’t wait to re-live the moments and see what emotions, thoughts, and feelings are brought back to life.
  • In search of some Bears-related quarantine viewing? That makes two of us. Thankfully, NBC Sports Network has Bears fans covered:

  • This one was an all-timer for the Bears, as they ruined the Brett Favre’s retirement ceremony with style. It’s also Chicago’s only win at Lambeau in the team’s last six trips.
  • ESPN is showing some great Monday Night Football games of recent vintage over the next five weeks. But somehow, the network left the Bears-Cardinals “They are who we thought they were!” MNF showdown off the playlist. What gives?
  • Last year’s prime-time win in Washington won’t go down as an all-timer, but it was fun to watch:

  • Gonna carve out some time and give this a deeper read after yesterday’s share:

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