Foles' Reasons for Excitement, Trubisky to Get Fair Shake, Quinn's Flip, and Other Bears Bullets

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Foles’ Reasons for Excitement, Trubisky to Get Fair Shake, Quinn’s Flip, and Other Bears Bullets

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I would like to re-iterate the sentiment I shared at the top of yesterday’s Bears Bullets, using this spot as a reminder to our readers and commenters to not be jerks to each other online or in person. It’s a simple request that doesn’t take much to act on. Be better and we can continue to have a wonderful community in which we can talk about the Chicago Bears and their doings as a franchise.

  • ESPN personality Mike Wilbon doesn’t think Mitch Trubisky isn’t getting a fair shake in the upcoming QB competition:

  • This is a bold take from Wilson, who believes the fix is in to get Trubisky out of the QB1 spot. I’m not sure that is quite the case, but Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy sure sounded comfortable with the idea of Nick Foles starting if that’s what it comes down to in the end.
  • Maybe I’m being naive here, but I don’t think the cards are stacked against Trubisky. What can the Bears do to stack the cards against Trubisky? Put some street free agents as his receiver targets. Sign Air Bud to put behind Trubisky in the backfield. Use a literal garbage can as his left tackle? Line up a traffic cone as a tight end? Trubisky has two years in this offense, a familiarity with the roster, and an unquestionable work ethic. If he doesn’t win the competition, it will probably be because he didn’t out-perform Foles.
  • As much as I love Jaguars receiver D.J. Chark, I’d be excited to leave Jacksonville, too:

  • I am internally debating which quarterback will benefit more from having the three-headed quarterback teaching monster of Matt Nagy, Bill Lazor, and John DeFilippo. Is it Foles, who has spent time with each three of the coaches, knows their language, and what to expect? Or is it Trubisky, who will gt an opportunity to soak up the knowledge of three highly acclaimed professional quarterback gurus who have molded young quarterbacks and veterans alike? Seriously. I’m not sure if the edge goes to the experienced guy or the one who needs the guidance. This is what will make this thing fun.
  • Ain’t this the truth:

  • When Trubisky-Foles gets going, it will be a pleasant day because it means we will have crossed some post-COVID bridge that I feel we’re all ready to get past. And so long as we do our part to stay inside and flatten the curve, we’ll get to that bridge.
  • Whether he decided by coin flip, a game of eenie-meenie-minie-moe, or whatever, Robert Quinn has good reason to be jacked up about being in Chicago:

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  • Frankly, I think he picked the Bears over the Falcons because the guy – whose IG handle is @puertoricanbobby – knew that Chicago has better Puerto Rican food options than Atlanta. Change my mind.
  • Ummm … does Khalil Mack know this? And how does he feel?

  • The world of football connections is a small one:

  • For your listening pleasure:

  • This is pretty on brand for the Bears:

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  • The Bulls are angling to make some real, tangible front office changes:

  • But the rest of the 2019-20 season is in jeopardy:

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