When it Comes to Ryan Pace and the Bears Roster, Actions Speak Louder Than Words (And Other Bears Bullets)

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When it Comes to Ryan Pace and the Bears Roster, Actions Speak Louder Than Words (And Other Bears Bullets)

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One positive thing to come out of my quarantine? Remembering how much I love cooking with garlic. I hope everyone else gets an opportunity to dig deep and find/remember something they used to love doing, don’t do any more, and will start to do again with consistency in the future.

  • GM Ryan Pace’s actions this offseason have been louder than his words. Indeed, while he may have offered a verbal commitment to Mitch Trubisky as the team’s starting QB, he did so in such a way that anyone willing to look beyond the surface could see the writing on the wall. Between acquiring Nick Foles and continuing to deflect any questions regarding Trubisky’s fifth-year option, a continued commitment to Trubisky as the Week 1 starter is out the window. And remember, the 2017 draft class is the final class wherein the execution of the fifth-year option is guaranteed only for injury. Meaning that if they picked it up, the Bears could get out of it in 2021 with no penalty and create cap space by cutting him. Unless the NFL tweaks its calendar, the Bears have until May 3 to make that decision.
  • And then there’s the Leonard Floyd deal. Parting ways with Floyd had to sting for the Bears organization. Floyd was the first of Pace’s first-rounders to get his fifth-year option picked up. And even as the team’s need for pass-rush help opposite of Khalil Mack ticked up, Pace continued to insist he was happy with Floyd and what he brought to the table. And yet, when push came to shove, the Bears moved on from Floyd, created cap space, and applied a chunk of it to bring in Robert Quinn. Again, actions > words.
  • With that said, by replacing Floyd, bringing in competition for Trubisky, and (to a lesser extent) signing Jimmy Graham, Pace essentially fessed up to mistakes in previous talent acquisition periods. No, he didn’t use any of his recent press conferences to own up to these mistakes. But again: actions speak louder than words.
  • There are few things that are more valuable than an admission of failure. As one of my favorite quotes from “Star Wars” legend Yoda goes: “The greatest teacher, failure is.”
  • Ya know, Charles Leno Jr. isn’t so bad when you get him on the move:

  • Then again, I’m convinced 10/10 offensive linemen prefer blocking downhill in the run game to backpedaling in for pass protection. It’s simply human nature to want to go out and attack.
  • Some Apple Watch models are on sale right now. A bunch of my friends have them, but I haven’t worn a watch (of any kind) in years. Maybe it’s time for me to change that? #ad
  • For your listening pleasure:


  • This is pretty neat:

  • Part of me wonders if teams with continuity will benefit more from this stoppage than we would have previously expected:

  • The Bears are taking social distancing seriously:

  • The NFL community lost an important historic figure over the weekend:

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