Re-Live Jeff Joniak's Most Iconic MNF Calls and Other Bears Bullets

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Re-Live Jeff Joniak’s Most Iconic MNF Calls and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I really hope my television partners, Michael and Danny, are willing to teach a noob how to do a Tik Tok. Otherwise, I’m at the mercy of the public. *GULP*

  • The Bears’ miraculous, come-from-behind win against the Cardinals on Monday Night Football on October 16, 2006 might be Jeff Joniak’s magnum opus:

  • Joniak has been behind the mic for the Bears since 2001, and he has certainly seen some excellent games. But I’m not sure anything beats what you hear above. You can tell the tide was turning in the Bears’ favor with each significant call of each significant moment. It’s the sign of a good broadcast day when you can give off the vibe of the game effortlessly. That one was certainly a classic.
  • In more throwback news, take a trip in the way-back machine to a time when the Bears were truly committed to running the football:

  • I don’t think anyone loves the deep ball more than I do, but there is something satisfying about being able to line up man-against-man and run the ball down another team’s throat. It’s not even an old-school vs. new school thing for me. Instead, it’s more of a “my guys are better than your guys and you can’t do anything about it” thing. In the end, I could re-watch Thomas Jones stuff it in the Saints’ face all day if I had to do so.
  • Self-critiques and a willingness to admit your shortcomings is one way to always be striving toward greatness. Allen Robinson gets it:

  • Then again, I should know by now to expect the unexpected with Tarik Cohen.
  • This is an interesting perspective:

  • So being “in contact” could mean nothing … or everything. Got it.
  • I’ll be looking forward to this:

  • You can do whatever you want when you’re the Punky QB:

  • Is new lead Bulls executive Arturas Karnisovas going to have a real-life “what do you say you do here?” moment with Jim Boylen?

  • Good luck to all parties involved in this process:

  • Good on you, new guy:

  • If there is one thing I love about the internet, it’s that I can learn something new every day:

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