Numbers Game, Tight End Thoughts, Chicago's Underrated Safeties, and Other Bears Bullets

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Numbers Game, Tight End Thoughts, Chicago’s Underrated Safeties, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Today’s highs in Chicago are expected to be in the 70s. I strongly encourage you to step outside your house, breathe in some fresh air, and let the sun rays touch your skin if your schedule allows you to do so. But I share this encouragement with the caveat of stepping outside responsibly and not doing something you will regret later.

We cool?

(I’m guessing we’re cool.)

•   The new guys on the Bears now have numbers:

•   The following is a series of random thoughts on a collection of numbers.

•   Jaylon Johnson has big shoes to fill in wearing Peanut Tillman’s 33. And no, I’m not going to read too much into that number being worn last year by Bears draft pick Duke Shelley. Nope. Sure won’t.

•   I’m not sure anyone should wear 99 again. Part of it is because Dan Hampton wore it so well during his Hall of Fame career. But also, the number might be cursed. To be clear, I’m not a believer in curses, jinxes, or any of that stuff. But when I think of modern 99s, I think of Lamarr Houston tearing his ACL on a sack of Jimmy Garoppolo in a blowout loss against the Patriots, as well as Shea McClellin, whose Bears career started with him wearing 99 before transitioning to 50. Two epic numbers in Bears history worn by the same disappointing player. That still stings.

•   Shouldn’t 46 be retired too? I mean, Doug Plank’s number was the inspiration for naming the best defense of all-time. Just saying … that number probably shouldn’t be re-issued

•   The No. 85 suits a tight end, don’t you think? That looks right for Cole Kmet.

•   FYI: Betting the under is for cowards:

•   And yes, I realize the value last year was in the Bears “UNDER” in wins. Because of that, I stayed away from wagering on the Bears’ win total. HOWEVER, a drop in the line means there is value on the other side. So much went wrong for the Bears last year — injuries, inadequate quarterback play, turnover luck, etc. — that it’s easy to envision the pendulum swinging back in Chicago’s favor in a couple of areas and putting them above .500. It shouldn’t take a lot.

•   Mike Clay’s post-draft defensive unit grades are going to rankle some feathers among Bears fans:

•   I’ll admit to my biases, but an Eddie Jackson-Tashaun Gipson safety tag team being ranked in the bottom third of the league doesn’t look right to me. Sure, the Bears still have a defense that ranks in the top third of the league by this grouping of metrics, but there’s something that doesn’t sit well with me about the projection that Chicago’s safety tandem is problematic.

•   A fifth-year option update:

•   HEAR ME OUT … what if the solution to the Bears’ tight end problem all along was putting Khalil Mack out there?

•   I shared some thoughts on the current state of the Bears’ tight end position (sans Mack):

•   Oh, sure … when it’s “Tom Brady’s Bucs” getting Elliott Fry, it’s a “reward” all of a sudden. I see how it is:

•   I’d like to take some time to pass along my condolences to Ryan Wetnight’s family, friends, fans, and others in the wake of the news of his passing. May everyone find peace in these trying times:

•   I’m going to fight Michael over his mascot rankings:

•   New Bulls GM Marc Eversley had some interesting stuff to say in his introductory conference call:

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