Readying the Rookies, QB Tweets, Some Random Jeff Blake Love, and Other Bears Bullets

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Readying the Rookies, QB Tweets, Some Random Jeff Blake Love, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m stuck flipping a coin between wanting to cook enchiladas or Italian beef for dinner tomorrow. And no, I can’t make both. I mean, I could … but that would just be wasteful. I’m trying to space out meals and make the most of what I have at my disposal in the kitchen.

In the end, I might pull a Robert Quinn to make a decision.

•   I’m so ready to see the Bears’ rookies go to work:

•   Once the guys hit the field, we can turn our discussions way from pick value and fit to actual, in-game value and fit. These guys are Bears now, and I’m looking forward to seeing them earn their way into roles in 2020.

•   Before the schedule release, I knew Deshaun Watson would have the Bears game circled on his calendar. Now I wonder if the Bears defense is doing the same thing.

•   Speaking of schedule release, Jeff Hughes (Da Bears Blog) chimes in with some nuggets on what the Bears will be facing, a question about what the NFL’s schedule-makers are thinking about with the Thanksgiving slate, and why the Bears have four prime-time games.

•   Watson’s tweet had Bears Twitter buzzing last night and into today. Although, for the sake of clarification, Chicago’s football team did talk with Watson at some point in the pre-draft process.

•   The more eye-opening tweet might have been this from ex-Falcons receiver Roddy White:

•   It feels necessary to point out the Bears haven’t been entirely without black quarterbacks in White’s lifetime. I know this because White and I are in the same age range, with me being a few years younger. The Bears have had Kordell Stewart, Jason Campbell, Henry Burris, and Jeff Blake. This isn’t an All-Star lineup, but they’re there in the history books. As is Vince Evans, whose time with the Bears (1977-83) predates my time on this planet.

•   Don’t ask why, but I rocked with Jeff Blake as a young football fan growing up. The guy was good for 3,000+ yards and 20+ touchdowns in the mid-90s. Blake even made the Pro Bowl in 1995 when he threw for 3,822 yards and 28 touchdowns while with the Bengals. It’s a shame the Bears didn’t get that Jeff Blake when they signed him in 2005.

•   With that out of the way, if Roddy White wants to make a point about how Ryan Pace goofed up the draft by not picking Watson, that’s a fair place to go. We think so, too! And if he wants to dunk on Pace for a process in which he didn’t afford Watson the same private meeting he gave Mitch Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes, then by all means, I would gladly join him on that crusade. But it’s a rough look to drop the tweet he did.

•   I also think it’s messed up to paint the Bears fanbase with a brush that suggests that these fans wouldn’t embrace Watson as fans in Houston did when he arrived. That’s pure poppycock. Bears fans have embraced virtually everyone to put on the uniform. From stars to scrubs, Bears fans love to love Bears players. And sometimes, it’s loving to a fault. But that’s beside the point.

•   The real point is that — more than anything — the Bears have proven time and again that they have major problems assessing quarterback talent. The organization simply isn’t good at it. And that’s the biggest problem it has right now. More than anything else, the inability to identify quarterback talent is the thing that deserves to be knocked right now (and until they get it right).

•   To be fair, the Bears aren’t alone in this fight to find competent quarterback play. Not when Matt Miller  (Bleacher Report), Pro Football Focus, Lance Zierlein (, Mel Kiper Jr. (ESPN), Todd McShay (ESPN), Terez A. Paylor (Kansas City Star), Dieter Kurtenbach (FOX Sports), and Charlie Campbell ( were among those who placed Trubisky at the vary top of the pre-draft quarterback rankings in 2017. Maybe the whole quarterback analysis wing needs to be torn down and rebuilt? Just a thought. If there’s ever a time to do it, this is it.

•   Where would Mitch Trubisky fit on this list?

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   Give me all the Ted Ginn Jr. highlights that I can cram into my eye holes:

•   For your viewing pleasure:


•   ICYMI: The Bears are interested in signing Pro Bowl guard Larry Warford. There have been some questions from you fine folks on Twitter about the need and fit. We’ll dive into the fit when the time is right. But knowing that Chicago started a converted nose tackle for 10 games at right guard last year says all we need to know about the Bears’ need at the position.

•  His first-round picks have been disappointing to this point, but credit Ryan Pace and his front office for maximizing this loophole in contract construction:

•   I am SHOCKED:

•   Fanatics and MLB/NFL/NBA teamed up to make masks, with the proceeds going to charity:


Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.