The Incoming Camp Competition That's Seemingly Flying Under the Radar and Other Bears Bullets

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The Incoming Camp Competition That’s Seemingly Flying Under the Radar and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

That the Chicagoland area was met with loud rainstorms two days after I told myself “I’m going to do everything in my power to go for a walk every day” is cruel. Maybe I’ll pull the exercise bike from out of the corner of the basement to get the juices flowing.

•   ICYMI: One NFL analyst predicted the Bears are going to be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad team in 2020. It’s a bold shot to take, but shooter’s shoot. Although, part of me is starting to think that some of these wild shots are taken, in part, because it moves the needle. Predictions that don’t usually come out until July coming out now in an attempt to ruffle some feathers. No … it can’t be. That’s impossible. *Extreme eye-roll* Nationally, some of the conversation surrounding the Bears has gone from believing this team would be better off with literally any quarterback other than Mitch Trubisky to predicting the bottom falling out (even after the team brought in another quarterback to challenge Trubisky).

•   Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. All anyone ever wants to talk about is the quarterback. More specifically, the quarterback competition that is on the horizon in Chicago between incumbent Mitch Trubisky and challenger Nick Foles. But that’s not the only camp showdown that will take place whenever facilities open and football revs up again. The Bears have a unique thing happening in their secondary, of which I was reminded of when I saw this tweet:

•   Kyle Fuller and Buster Skrine are locked into their roles as starters. For the moment, I’ll pencil in Jaylon Johnson as the boundary corner starting opposite of fuller, and Tre Roberson as the team’s CB4. After that, there’s a competition brewing and I’m not sure we’re spending enough time talking about it.

•   Kindle Vildor, Duke Shelley, Kevin Toliver II, Stephen Denmark, Artie Burns, Michael Joseph, and Xavier Crawford are young players who’ll be jockeying for position all summer. Vildor, Shelley, and Denmark are all Bears draft picks who will undoubtedly set out to prove the team did good work in selecting them in the later rounds. Toliver and Joseph are undrafted free agents who are angling for position with the late-round guys. Crawford can be lumped into that group, too. Burns has post-hype sleeper vibes as a first-round pick who flashed at times with the Steelers, but ultimately didn’t live up to the billing during his time in Pittsburgh. Altogether, it’s a fascinating group of cornerbacks populating the defensive backfield. Good luck with all that, Chuck Pagano and Deshea Townsend.

•   The Bears have a ton of new guys, and any of them could play a role in what happens this coming season:

•   There are people who will make the Mitch Trubisky-Josh Allen comps. Proceed with caution:

•   Allow me to take a moment to circle back to the idea of opening facilities:

•   Something to keep on our radar for down the line:

•   Even in extinction, the XFL continues to make headlines as Vince McMahon says he fired XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck “for cause.” Back in April, Luck sued the XFL for wrongful termination after the league went under.

•   This is nice:

•   Joe Buck said stuff, and then tweeted stuff:

•   I suppose there is a non-zero percent chance that something great comes of no fans being in the stands. Heck, it’s even possible that piped in crowd noise and digitally created fans does something for the viewing experience. But in the end, I’ll take the rawness of no fans in the stands over a fake normal.

•   My mind isn’t in a place where I want to go into deep dives regarding sports gambling, so I’m sharing this just so I remember to get back to when I eventually get to that place:

•   Whole lotta Black and Decker tools on sale today at Amazon. #ad

•   Cool, cool, cool:

•   Give that man his perfecto:

Author: Luis Medina

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