Which Bear Stands Out? Matt Nagy's Trickery, Futures Bets, Troubling News, and Other Bears Bullets

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Which Bear Stands Out? Matt Nagy’s Trickery, Futures Bets, Troubling News, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

NBC Sports Chicago has been showing each playoff game of the Chicago Bulls’ run to the 1998 NBA title. And last night, the network showed Game 5 of the NBA Finals, which revealed to me something I didn’t realize when watching at the time.

Michael Jordan wore the black-and-white Air Jordan XIII that game. It was the only time he wore the “13s” in that series. During the first two games in Utah, Jordan wore the red-and-black 13s. And for the first two games in Chicago, he debuted Air Jordan XIV. Jordan would go back to the 14s for Game 6, and we all know what happened after that …

•   There are no wrong answers here:


•   First player that comes to mind when I see the Chicago Bears’ iconic logo is Brian Urlacher [Michael: Same]. He was Chicago’s best player during the team’s most competitive era. There isn’t even a close second in my book. Although, fans who are older (or younger) than I am probably have a different perspective. Obviously, you’re going to get plenty of replies mentioning Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, Gale Sayers, and others from an older crowd. I’m not sure who the younger generation gravitates toward. Is it Jay Cutler? Matt Forte? Khalil Mack? I suppose the beauty of being a Bears fan is that greatness is represented throughout the eras.

•   I haven’t brought myself to the point where I’m ready to dive head-first into wagering, but still find myself in a place where I’m keeping an eye on what’s happening in certain markets so I am prepared when the time comes. It’s what I find so intriguing about this piece by Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog highlighting three Bears futures bets to consider. Among them is Nick Foles being at 150/1 to win the NFL MVP. On one hand, that’s madness. But because a quarterback is a mortal lock to win it every year until proven otherwise, it isn’t a crazy play. The same reasons I was intrigued by Mitch Trubisky’s long-shot odds last year are still there for Foles this year: QB in a big market, whose team has great expectations, and plays in a QB-friendly system will get a strong push.

•   WSCR-AM 670 is going to replay the Bears’ 15-6 win against the Rams from 2018, and Bears Radio play-by-play voice Jeff Joniak shares his thoughts on the classic. Yeah … I called it a classic. It’s the best Bears game I’ve ever been to in person and created some great memories. And I can say I saw Vic Fangio break Jared Goff in person, which is pretty neat. I’d love to be there in person for the next time these two teams play, which is scheduled to be in Los Angeles in October. It’s just that I’m hesitant to do any long-distance traveling until a more certain time.

•   You guys remember Santa’s Sleigh, right?

•   I miss Matt Nagy’s trick plays.  Oompa LoompaFreezer LeftLollipop, and others. Did we ever get A**-Kickin’ Chicken, like we were promised?

•   One reason as to why Nagy’s trickery wasn’t as apparent last year is that most of it came in red zone and goal line situations. The Bears didn’t have as many of those opportunities in 2019 as they did in 2018, so there’s that explanation.

•   Well, this is an interesting stat:

•   Hey, that makes two of us:

•   There were some rumblings about the Lions’ situation when news that Matthew Stafford’s house was going up for sale, but there is a logical explanation:

•   Stafford is staying put, NFC North fans. Better get used to him.

•   Fancy projectors are among your Deals of the Day at Amazon today. #ad

•   Joe at Obvious Shirts is one of the coolest guys I got a chance to meet last year, so I’m taking a moment to share this:

•   I’m surprised Jim Boylen is hanging around long enough to make a headline that isn’t announcing his departure from the organization:

•   Part of me wishes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell provided more insight into the league’s plans to play during a pandemic, but I guess there is nothing to report until we get to that bridge worth crossing. Anyway, here’s baseball’s commish on a sport that is a bit closer to returning:

•   Wow. What a wild story:

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