Quarterback Competition Thoughts: Trubisky Needs the Preseason More than Foles

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Quarterback Competition Thoughts: Trubisky Needs the Preseason More than Foles

Chicago Bears

To this point, we’ve established that (1) whomever emerges from the Chicago Bears’ quarterback competition as the champion won’t do so because they had a killer Zoom meeting and (2) whenever the competition gets rolling, it will be returning starter Mitch Trubisky getting the first snap when training camp begins, not Nick Foles.

What happens in the days and weeks after that first snap, however, will ultimately determine the winner. And with that in mind, I keep circling back to this one thought: Mitch Trubisky needs to have one heckuva training camp, to come out as Chicago’s starting quarterback in Week 1.

And that’s a point that resonates with me after reading this from Adam Jahns of The Athletic:

Frankly, that point has been rattling around in my mind since the Bears’ acquisition of Foles back in March. And that’s even knowing what Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy has said about having a real competition, using the preseason to evaluate the showdown, and Trubisky’s growth through all this offseason.

Here’s where I land.

Essentially, I come away feeling as if Trubisky needs the preseason to show that he can soak up the playbook, comprehend what his tasks are within the offense, and execute them in a game situation. Trubisky must put it on tape that he can be the guy the Bears need him to be to make the offense go, that he’s addressed his shortcomings, and shored up his weaknesses – somehow – over the offseason. Because not only does Foles have a lengthy history within the offense, he’s also already shown an ability to perform well within its confines. Now, if you want to chalk the past success up solely to Foles going on some heaters, then by all means, go ahead. I’m not going to stop you. But that doesn’t exactly a counterpoint make – Foles going on a heater wearing blue and orange wouldn’t be the worst thing, if the Bears back it up with their top-10 defense.

Then, I find myself thinking about this tweet:

To me, that Nagy is already boasting about how quickly Foles is mastering the playbook is a sign that Trubisky will have his work cut out for him if he can’t reach that level. And for that to happen, Trubisky will need to show he can do it in the preseason (especially since Foles is openly coming for the No. 1 spot).

In an offseason in which Nagy has driven home the point (on multiple occasions) that he needs Trubisky to be a master of reading coverages and understanding what defenses are presenting him, getting a full grasp on the offense is more important than ever. As is the preseason. So buckle up, everyone. This is going to be a ride.

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Author: Luis Medina

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