Hicks, Mack, Quinn ... All at Once and Other Bears Bullets

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Hicks, Mack, Quinn … All at Once and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The greatest sequel ever turns 40:

I don’t have much else to add, other than I already know what will be background movie noise theater for today’s work day.

•   Akiem Hicks was among the snubs who did not make the cut of CBS Sports’ top 100 players of 2020. And while that’s not cool, at least he is getting some love from the analytical community. Cynthia Frelund (NFL Network) rounds up the most underrated players from each of the NFC’s 16 teams. For the Bears, Frelund lands on Hicks, who offenses have to account for to attack from so many different angles when he is in the lineup. Hicks being an all-around threat who can stuff the run, pressure the quarterback, and fill space makes him a key cog in this defense. Frelund has been beating this drum for awhile (and we thank her, as so we are not alone in this fight) and named Hicks one of the NFL’s most under appreciated players of the 2018 season.

•   What a stat:

•   Over at the Bears’ official website, Charles “Peanut” Tillman re-tells the story of one of his favorite moments in the pros. It happens to be one of my favorite moments as a Bears fan.

•   And in case you missed it when it happened in real time back in 2003, it looked something like this:


•   “I had the mindset that no matter what happens, I’m taking this ball,” Tillman said. “He’s not going to be on SportsCenter’s Top 10. I’m getting this ball.” And he did! He out-Mossed Randy Moss. What a moment!

•   Because I know you can’t get enough of great Peanut Tillman moments, here are some more:

•   Return specialist/jack-of-all-trades/special teams ace/future general manager Cordarrelle Patterson is the goods:

•   When a popular ex-Bear finds comfort in a new home, I feel good about it. Even when it’s with the Raiders. And while no free agent signing is ever going to say they feel as if they landed in a spot that is questionable for them, I believe Prince Amukamara when he says he fits in Vegas playing for Paul Guenther’s unit. “With Paul’s defense, I followed him when he was at Cincinnati and you can see the guys are aggressive, and he likes for his guys to press and I think that’s where I flourish,” Amukamara told the Raiders’ official website. “I’m one of, if not the best, corners in press, man-to-man coverage in the league and I have the tape to show that, which is why I’m saying that so boldly.”

•   I can’t say enough good things about Marc Silverman, so let’s just say that I was moved when I saw our friends at Obvious Shirts post this as an attempt to help a good man and a good cause:


•   Stay strong, Silvy! You’ve got this!

•   Amazon has released a very small, and very cheap security camera. #ad

•   I am looking forward to seeing how Darnell Mooney’s offseason work turns into positive results:


•   It’s been a noisy offseason throughout the league:

•   An eye-opening piece:

•   A look at how the sausage is made:


•   This comedy tour would be a banger:

•   Tough scene for Sean Casey here:

•   A COVID-19 and sports update:

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