An Educated Guess Regarding a Potential Allen Robinson Extension

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An Educated Guess Regarding a Potential Allen Robinson Extension

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have had internal discussions about extending Allen Robinson. And although Robinson has insisted on not rushing a new deal, he is “definitely” interested in getting something done, and does want “to retire a Bear.” That said, the lack of an agreement is a point of contention for Bears fans who would like the certainty of having the offense’s best and most valuable player locked into a multi-year contract.

And speaking of which, what would a deal even look like?

Jason Fitzgerald from OverTheCap recently responded to such an inquiry, and his reply piqued my interest:

A three-year deal worth $17 million per season is interesting on multiple levels, especially from the player’s perspective:

•   Taking him through his age-30 season, a three-year deal would give Robinson another opportunity to cash in with a big-money contract before passing the other side of 30. Further, it would equate to six years worth of contracts from the Bears, with an estimated $93 million earned in the process. Not bad.

•   Maximizing cash earnings during his time in the NFL is likely important to Robinson (wide receivers don’t always have lengthy career spans). And someone who’s already recovered from one ACL injury probably understands the risks better than anyone else. Hence, a shorter-term, potentially higher AAV deal could make sense.

•   As for the money, $17M AAV is a hefty price, to be sure. But it’s in line with what the top receivers are making right now. And it would be well-earned based on how Robinson has produced throughout his career — and specifically, during his first two years in Chicago. If Robinson were to land a deal that pays him $17 million, it would make him the seventh-highest paid player at the position — with only Tyreek Hill ($18M AAV), Odell Beckham Jr. ($18M), Michael Thomas ($19.25M), Amari Cooper ($20M), and Julio Jones ($22M) making more on a per-year basis on their respective multi-year deals. That’s good company to keep. And there is a case to e made that Robinson deserves to get in on that group.

For what it’s worth, we took a stab at looking what it would take to keep Robinson around for a while. My thoughts at the time were as follows:

“Looking at (Adam) Thielen and (Davante) Adams’ deals, I wonder if perhaps the Bears should be aiming to make Robinson the highest-paid receiver in the NFC North. A deal that comes with an average annual value of $17 million feels like a good place to start. And if  you consider that the 2020 NFL Franchise Tag tender was $17.865 million, then you can envision what a deal might look like when it is all said and done.”

Alright, so $17 million per year for a player in his prime years, in good health, and coming off a year that cements his WR1 status looks and feels about right.

Alright! So, let’s make a deal, eh?

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Author: Luis Medina

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