Would the NFLPA Push to Eliminate the Entire 2020 NFL Preseason?

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Would the NFLPA Push to Eliminate the Entire 2020 NFL Preseason?

Chicago Bears

The NFL is reportedly set to trim the preseason from four games to two, by eliminating Weeks 1 and 4.

But why stop there?

That’s the hypothetical question the NFLPA appears to be asking. And to take it a step further, NFL Network insider Mike Garafolo hears the NFLPA is curious as to if players should participate in the preseason at all.

Check this out:

I can see where the NFLPA is coming from in wanting to eliminate the exhibition season altogether. If the idea of lopping off two preseason games was done with idea of health and safety in mind, then why wouldn’t it be in consideration to knock all four of these games off the board? Admittedly, terminating the preseason in its entirety is a bit wild to think about. But in the interest of public safety, I feel as if the discussion about doing so is one that needs to be had between the league and players.

No matter how it shakes out, a shrunken preseason is going to impact the Bears as much as (if not more than) any team in the league. A quarterback competition between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles that was set to play out over a preseason in which Head Coach Matt Nagy insisted he was going to play his regulars in is just one of several key spots up for grabs. Wide receiver, right guard, cornerback, and safety starting roles hang in the balance. And there’s even a low-profile kicking competition worth keeping tabs on this summer. Amping up training camps and pushing hard as they did back in the day might help soften the blow of a shortened preseason, but as we learned last year, there’s simply no replicating actual game snaps.

It is difficult to imagine an NFL season without preseason games, but it’s not something I would rule out of hand.

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