Unlocking Trubisky and Miller's Potential, Missing Days in Bourbonnais, Mooney's Madden Rating, and Other Bears Bullets

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Unlocking Trubisky and Miller’s Potential, Missing Days in Bourbonnais, Mooney’s Madden Rating, and Other Bears Bullets

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My oldest friend — as in the friend I have known the longest — is getting married today. I’m standing up in the wedding. What a time to be having one of these, eh? I don’t think he’ll have time to read this, but if he does, then he’ll see that I’ve taken a moment out of my day to wish him and his bride-to-be a wonderful wedding day and a superb life as a married couple. Here’s to one day finding my own wedding story (although, my preference would be to not get married in the midst of a global pandemic … but that’s just me).

In the meantime, an abbreviated set of Bullets for today.

•   It’s good to see Mitchell Trubisky and Anthony Miller working together in an attempt to continue building their rapport:


•   If Trubisky can get his accuracy together and Miller can stay healthy and on task, this duo figures to be a problem for defenses in 2020. In 2018, Trubisky completed 30 of 49 passes for 392 yards, throwing for 6 touchdowns against just one interception when targeting Miller. That comes out to an impressive 117.5 passer rating. That efficiency took a hit in 2019, despite Trubisky completing a higher percentage of passes (62.7% in 2019, 61.2% in 2018) and throwing for more yards (599 yards in 2019, 392 yards in 2018). That’s because Trubisky threw just 2 TDs to Miller, while throwing 3 INTs when targeting him. Perhaps Miller is the key cog in this offense doing good things in 2020?

•   Worth noting: Trubisky’s yards per attempt when targeting Miller was 8.0 in both seasons. So there appears to be some consistency there. Should Miller continue to get a healthy dose of targets in 2020, he could be the impact receiver the Bears thought they were getting when they traded up to acquire him in the 2018 NFL Draft.

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

•   Or maybe Nick Foles is the guy who can bring the best out of Miller? I wish I could better answer my own hypothetical, but we haven’t seen Miller work out with Foles this summer because of the league-wide shutdowns. What we have seen is Miller and Trubisky work together. Trubisky has a certain edge in having a previous relationship with his teammates, as well as the ability to work out with them here locally in the Chicagoland area. But if that doesn’t translate to production early, I can envision a scenario in which Trubisky is on a short leash.

•   For your listening pleasure today:

•   Listening to this made me think fond things about trips to Bourbonnais and how I’m going to miss being at training camp out there in that heat, under that unforgiving sun, with strangers who become friends instantly because of our love for Bears football. That’s always my favorite part about camp. I mean, yeah, I like watching drills more than any normal person should. I also enjoy catching teammates trash-talk each other, as well aso there things that happen at camp. But there is nothing better than when I meet Bears fans and readers. The stories that are told and exchanged because of the shared experience of being a Bears fan is unlike anything else. Hopefully, we’ll get to share that in 2021 (should the Bears decide/be able to open camp to whatever limited public they can at Halas Hall).

•   This is pretty awesome:


•   The Bears are scheduled to play the Jaguars on December 27 on the road in Week 16:

•   It’s been a while since I’ve played Madden. I don’t remember 66 being good … but is 93 fast?

•   A punishment has come down for Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson:

•   Jackson was find for conduct detrimental to the team after sharing anti-Semitic remarks on social media that were falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets Jackson met with a group against anti-Semitism on Friday and was planning to meet a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor. I commend Jackson for his efforts to educate himself as to why what he shared was wrong and offensive. He still has a long way to go, but his meetings represent a step in the right direction.

•   Here’s something to watch for early next week:

•   Some college sports updates:


•   A little too on the nose:

•   Well, this is certainly eye-opening:

•   In quiet moments, I wonder what would have happened had the players decide to wait on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement rather than pushed to ratify the one they were handed in March.

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•   An important poll question:

•   The first high-profile Chicago baseball player to opt out of the 2020 season is White Sox right-handed pitcher Michael Kopech:

•   FWD @ @BN_Blackhawks:

Author: Luis Medina

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