NFL and NFLPA Agree on Proposal That Allows 2020 Season to Start on Time

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NFL and NFLPA Agree on Proposal That Allows 2020 Season to Start on Time

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Earlier this afternoon, the NFLPA sent a tweet announcing it had voted to unanimously recommend the NFL’s proposed changes to the CBA.

In essence, the NFLPA suggested the players and owners had struck an agreement that gave the green light for the 2020 season to start as scheduled with training camps set to open around the league next week. However, the NFLPA did so in a way that provided no specifics as to what was, you know … actually agreed upon. That’s no fun.

Thankfully, NFL Network insiders Ian Rapoport, Tom Pelissero, and Mike Garafolo have a breakdown of the agreement summed up in video form:


•   Training camp starts on time. That’s important. No agreement could have led to delaying camp start dates. Even a minor stoppage of action would have been a mild nuisance for a league that had months to iron out a deal. Camp is a go now that a deal is done.

•   As discussed earlier, a salary cap floor of $175 million is in place for the 2020 season. This number could go up if revenues are greater than expected. Most importantly, the cap cannot go below $175 million. Setting a floor for 2020 as part of a decision that spreads the cap hit was wise thinking.

•   As expected, training camp roster sizes have been trimmed to 80. Teams have until August 16 to get there. Additionally, no more than 80 players can be in the building at one time. Teams will need to be creative in order to build up the players during camp. Rapoport suggests teams could break off into smaller groups — such as rookies, second-year players, and other veterans separating into smaller packs. Perhaps splitting by position groups is a wiser idea.

•   In addition to Rapoport’s report, Lindsay Jones of The Athletic tweets practice squads will increase to 16 as part of this agreement. They were already set to increase by 12 in 2020, but adding four more spots allows for roster wiggle room. Depth is always going necessary to successfully navigate a 16-game season. But more so now as teams attempt playing through a pandemic.

•   Speaking of the practice squad, Jones also notes the units will include six spots for players with unlimited accrued seasons for six players. Helloooooooo, Tyler Bray!

•   Jones and ESPN’s Dan Graziano have nuggets regarding opt outs:

We’ll continue to see what details from the agreement trickle out as the day goes on. In the meantime, it’s good to see the NFL not fall into the trap MLB did this summer.

Let the games begin (safely, of course).

Author: Luis Medina

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