Allen Robinson II Entered the NFL's Top 100 (So Extend the Guy Already!)

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Allen Robinson II Entered the NFL’s Top 100 (So Extend the Guy Already!)

Chicago Bears

It less of a matter of “if” Allen Robinson II would make NFL Network’s list of Top-100 Players for 2020, and more a question of “where” he would be ranked when the list came out.

So it is not surprising to see Robinson check in as the No. 93 ranked player in the league ahead of the 2020 season:

As I watched (and honestly, rewatched) the video embedded above, I couldn’t help but replay Eddie Jackson’s description of Robinson, who’s apparently “got a dog mentality.” And Jackson would know, right? He knows first-hand what Robinson is capable of since he practices against him daily.

That mentality is evident throughout Robinson’s game. He runs every route, from every spot on the field, out of every formation. Additionally, Robinson will run routes over the middle, take a hit, and bounce back ready for the next play. And he chips in as a run blocker for good measure, too.  There isn’t anything Robinson can’t do. So in other words, there was no doubt Robinson was going to make the cut. As far as I’m concerned, any top-100 list ahead of the 2020 season that doesn’t include Robinson is a sham. Full stop.

Soooo … what about that extension?

Last we heard from Robinson, he was not “anticipating hearing anything” from the Bears regarding a new deal. The three-year contract Robinson signed in 2018 expires after this season. And while Robinson has made it known how much he wants an extension, it hasn’t happened yet. There appeared to be mutual interest, with GM Ryan Pace telling reporters the team had internal conversations about a new contract for Robinson. And still … nothing.

Maybe the Bears need to get GM-in-training Cordarrelle Patterson on the case.

After Robinson made the list, Patterson changed his Twitter profile picture in support of his teammate and sent a message to the Bears (through Twitter):

In case you missed it, Patterson actively recruited star players on Twitter throughout the offseason. Some of Patterson’s more high-profile pursuits didn’t pan out, but Patterson’s heart and head were in the right place. What a team player! Clearly, Patterson didn’t let some unsuccessful attempts at luring free agents to Chicago stop him from trying to throw his weight around to keep the Bears’ top pass-catcher.

Back in March, I joked Patterson was going to make a good general manager some day. But if he has a part in getting a Robinson deal done, then I’ll put all jokes aside and start petitioning for him to run the Bears now.

I mean, I can’t imagine a better way to ring in the start of training camp than extending the offense’s best play maker. Just a thought.

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Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.