One Teammate Says Mitchell Trubisky is a "Whole New Player" in 2020

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One Teammate Says Mitchell Trubisky is a “Whole New Player” in 2020

Chicago Bears

Mitchell Trubisky needed to make real, tangible changes in order to win the starting QB competition.

And while two practices isn’t going to sway things in one direction or another, Trubisky is standing out for the right reasons in the eyes of at least one teammate:

Are we set to see a new and improved Mitchell Trubisky in 2020? Return specialist/wide receiver/running back Cordarrelle Patterson appears to think so.

Previously, we’ve discussed mechanical changes Trubisky has made. And while important, that’s not what Patterson pointed to when expanding on what he sees from the new-look quarterback.

“I feel like he’s being more of a leader,” Patterson said. “Last year I didn’t feel like he was that guy. Now he’s taking over.”

Let’s not gloss over the second part of Patterson’s statement. Because while it’s easy to get hooked by Trubisky being a new man, there’s substance beyond the sizzle.

Don’t get it twisted. The technical aspects of quarterbacking are important, and it’s evident that Trubisky hasn’t been up to snuff in that area. At least, not up to this point in his career. HOWEVER, there is also a mental aspect to the game that needs to be conquered. That Patterson spoke openly about Trubisky not being that guy last year is eye opening. But more important than that, Patterson spoke about Trubisky evolving into that guy early in camp. That feels important, even if it can’t be quantified.

It’s a shame Trubisky won’t get to showcase his new look unless he beats Nick Foles in the quarterback competition. For once, I’m actually missing preseason games.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.