Everyone (Well, Almost) is Getting Extended and Other Bears Bits

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Everyone (Well, Almost) is Getting Extended and Other Bears Bits

Chicago Bears

‘Twas the day before the season,
and I can’t help but mention
that everyone in the league
was getting an extension …

•   (Except Allen Robinson)

Well, almost everyone…

•   Running backs Alvin Kamara (Saints) and Dalvin Cook (Vikings), as well as receiver Cooper Kupp (Rams) have agreed to multi-year extensions with their current clubs. For Kamara and Cook, using the threat of a hold-out aided them in getting the team to blink first and offer up the paydays they were requesting. The new CBA limits how players can hold out, thus minimizing their bargaining power. Nevertheless, deals got done. As for Kupp, his deal is a bit unexpected. But after the Rams extended Jalen Ramsey’s deal, they were able to move some money around to keep the excellent slot receiver.

•   And then there’s Robinson, who has yet to sign an extension with the Bears. That running backs are getting paid before Robinson is a bit bothersome and has me worried about whether a deal gets done. But perhaps GM Ryan Pace is working quietly behind the scenes to make something happen. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened. And we know Pace has dialed up unforeseen surprises in the past. As far as I’m concerned, on behalf of Bears fans, I think we’re due for some pleasant surprises.

•    If following the Robinson situation feels familiar, it’s because you were probably here when Akiem Hicks signed his extension in 2017. And if you fall into that category, I sincerely thank you for sticking around. If you weren’t, let’s re-visit that situation. Hicks was entering the final year of a modest two-year deal he signed with Chicago. But there wasn’t much buzz surrounding a Hicks extension beyond conversations about how much sense it would make. Hicks said the right things along the way about wanting to stay, and hinted that he was open to finishing his career in Chicago. Robinson has followed that same path at every turn (down to retiring as a Bear). So maybe history repeats itself?

•   This isn’t a great look for Matt Nagy:

•   I understand the desire to keep things under wrap, but this feels like it’s going overboard. Any time you’re compared to John Fox in this regard isn’t good. Maybe Nagy will open up later in the season. Perhaps he will realize that the reason the Bears went 8-8 had nothing to do with his openness regarding injuries when speaking to the media. This feels like an odd hill to die on, coach. Here’s hoping Nagy re-considers.

•   Khalil Mack’s captain status makes me think he’ll play on Sunday. As for the rest of the captains:


•   And, yes, I hear your complaints about having weekly captains. I understand your criticisms and also remember that Marc Trestman did something similar. But if you didn’t complain about it when the Bears were going 12-4 in 2018, don’t complain about it now. It’s unhealthy, and I need you folks to be in peak condition for the opener. Got it?

•   Matt Nagy is furiously taking notes:


•   If it was my team, I’d name it Hurst So Gould. But I’m sure you guys and gals can come up with a better one:


Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.