The Chicago Bears Revenge Tour Starts With Mitchell Trubisky Leading a Comeback Win (As If 2020 Couldn't Get Crazier!) | Bleacher Nation

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The Chicago Bears Revenge Tour Starts With Mitchell Trubisky Leading a Comeback Win (As If 2020 Couldn’t Get Crazier!)

Chicago Bears

If anyone was going to lead the Chicago Bears Revenge Tour to a come-from-behind win, it was going to be Mitchell Trubisky.

It’s 2020, after all. We should come to expect the unexpected.

And the only thing more unexpected than facing a 23-6 fourth-quarter deficit against the Detroit Lions would be watching Trubisky throw three touchdown passes in the final quarter. Seriously. We were a Sasquatch sighting short of seeing the most unpredictable opener of the football season. Even still … we were treated to a mind-blowing finish thanks to Trubisky, which is amazing on its own.

Trubisky’s heroics lifted the Bears to a 27-23 win. For the Bears, it’s their first Week 1 win since 2013. No matter how you start the season 1-0, you’ll take it. Don’t ask questions, get on the bus, and enjoy the ride home. Then there are the Lions, who suffered their ninth blown fourth-quarter lead since the start of 2019. To the victor go the spoils. And to the loser, a reminder that you’re still the Lions.

So while there’s so much to digest from that game, the focus should go on Trubisky’s fourth quarter performance. Believe me, we’ll get into all of the good stuff in the coming days. But in the meantime, we need to talk about Trubisky’s awesome fourth quarter.

Trubisky’s line: 8/10, 89 yards, 3 TD; 143.3 passer rating

Giggity. Where was that for the first three quarters?

To do that in the fourth quarter is nothing short of impressive. Sure, it’s the Lions. Had Trubisky played at this level earlier in the game, the Bears wouldn’t have needed a furious fourth-quarter comeback to secure a win. As Drake once said: “Better late than never, but never late is better.” Nevertheless, Trubisky played his best with his back against the wall and his job seemingly hanging in the balance. Bears fans have wanted to see Trubisky handle and conquer adversity. And he did just that by rallying for three fourth-quarter touchdowns on the road. It takes some real gumption to pull off what Trubisky just did, and he deserves his day of praise.

I still can’t believe it happened, but I’m glad it did.

And in the words of QB1, “Let’s go.”

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.