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Sayers Memories Pouring In, Robinson on Miller’s Growth, Remember George Teague? And Other Bears Bits

Chicago Bears

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted fried or oven-baked chicken last night, so I decided to split my chicken breasts and make both. And now, I have leftovers for today. It’s a win-win for all parties.

•   This Gale Sayers memorial highlight package put together by the Chicago Bears straight up gave me chills:

•   The outpouring of memories shared on social media in the wake of the news of Gale Sayers’ death was eye-opening. Let’s check some out:

•   The Bears’ official website rounded up more reactions from fans, celebrities, players, and others. Over at 670 The Score, former teammate Ed O’Bradovich shared his memories. I can’t honestly capture each and every touching tribute, which says everything you need to know about how teammates, fans, and many others felt about Sayers.

•   There’s no smooth transition from remembering a legend to moving into talking about the current Bears. But here goes nothing …

•   Allen Robinson didn’t have much to say about his ongoing search for a contract extension. HOWEVER, he was quite articulate in talking up teammate Anthony Miller:

•   Miller’s production has been streaky throughout his career. At times it has been frustrating too see a player the Bears traded up into the second round to draft not fulfill his potential immediately. But it’s also important to remember that development isn’t always linear. Robinson’s comments on Miller’s growth are encouraging to read. They provide perspective and hope that Miller will continue to ascend toward becoming the player he wishes to be.

•   Maybe the Bears’ offensive problems aren’t solely due to dropped passes:

•   Even with the inconsistencies, there’s still belief that the Bears offense has potential:

•   Pretty cool from Matt Nagy:


•   Marqui Christian’s time in Chicago was so short, the Jets’ announcement that they had signed the ex-Bear was shared with an image of him playing with the Rams. Sure, Christian never played in Chicago. But his career arc with the Bears went from potential depth option to practice squad player to not even with the organization anymore in the blink of an eye..

•   On this date in NFL history:

•   Don’t shoot the messenger, but good teams tend to win close games:

•   Help the Bears help their community:


•   ICYMI: Our friends at BN Bulls are all over the hiring of new Head Coach Billy Donovan. Selling Chicago’s basketball team hasn’t been easy in recent years. But armed with a re-shaped front office and a clean slate, new lead executive Arturas Karnisovas flew to Florida to sell Donovan on the job. Giddy up!

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