The 3-0 Bears Are Turning My Hair Grey, But I'll Take It! (And Other Bears Bullets)

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The 3-0 Bears Are Turning My Hair Grey, But I’ll Take It! (And Other Bears Bullets)

Chicago Bears

Sunday was an emotionally charged day for all the right reasons. Wins by the Cubs and Bears were punctuated by the celebration of a fantasy baseball championship while in good company made it a good day. So … now what?

•   Wow! I can’t believe how lucky the Cowboys got and how good the Bears are:

•   I’m still not over what we witnessed yesterday. The worst-case scenario played out early. We saw a key player get injured. Witnessed touchdowns get taken off the board despite a lack of what I would consider conclusive evidence.  And yet, it all started with QB1 getting pulled.

•   This is what it looked like, too:

•   Clearly, this guy knows how to work a room:

•   And his playmaking ability was jaw-dropping:

•   To get off a throw with that much mustard and accuracy in that moment is nothing short of impressive.

•   Foles is feeling the love:

•   The imperfect Bears are 3-0. And much like I refuse to apologize for a 2-0 start, I’ll gladly take three wins in three games. Was it pretty? No. Will things get tougher in the coming weeks? Yes. But we all figured the early slate of games provided an opportunity for Chicago to stack wins and build confidence. The Bears are doing just that right now. Sure, they have loads of work to do in order to look as good as their record says they are at the moment. But a 3-0 start is far better than the alternative (Michael: And, hey, you bank wins when you can. They don’t count any less than commanding wins retrospectively).

•   And other than the wins themselves, the Bears have shown some real resilience. They didn’t just start comebacks, they finished them, and that may ultimately be one of the most important takeaways from the first three weeks.

•   Say what you want about these guys, but there’s no denying that they are history-makers:


•   In addition to crediting the players, kudos should go to Matt Nagy and his staff. Last year’s Bears winning 8 games with an inept offense was a credit to the players’ ability to rally around each other and Nagy’s ability to keep what could have been a sinking ship afloat. Things will get more challenging from here as the team likely makes a switch at quarterback, but I think the Bears are in a good place right now with Nagy in charge.

•   If you believe the Bears’ wild ride to start the season is aging you, just know you are not alone:

•   This single play made my phone buzz with replies and text messages in a way I’ve never experienced:


•   The hot seat under Dan Quinn is likely to be quite uncomfortable today:

•   The headline from SB Nation’s The Falcoholic: “Nuke the 2020 Falcons from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”

•   Meanwhile, in Chicago:

•   I’m not quite ready to do playoff watch just yet, but I’m getting there after reading this tweet:

•   ¿Quien puso el mal de ojo en estos hombres?

•   What if I told you Mitchell Trubisky (71.8) finished with a higher passer rating than Matt Ryan (67.7) on Sunday?

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   The Lions won their first game of the year on Sunday by beating a trendy Cardinals team on its home turf. Hopefully, that gets Detroit on enough of a roll to take them out of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

•   Elsewhere in the NFC North, the Vikings dropped to 0-3 as they were defeated by the Titans on Sunday. Stephen Gostkowski made six field goals, including a 55-yard game-winner with 1:48 left in regulation. Gostkowski, who missed four kicks in Week 1, says going sock-less has sparked his in-season turnaround. No, seriously.

•   And what is slowly becoming a tradition unlike any other, Sean Payton got way-too-cute in a primetime game and his decision-making led to his team’s defeat. Because while Taysom Hill’s gadgetry is fun when it works, taking the ball out of the hands of Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara is highly questionable. More so in a tied game. The Packers beat the Saints on Sunday, to remain in a first-place tie with the Bears. Thanks for nothing, Saints.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.