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Allen Robinson and the Chicago Bears Are Still “Far Apart on Their Offers” of an Extension

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It’s been all quiet on the Allen Robinson extension front since Robinson’s social media activity made it clear he was unhappy with how talks for a new deal were going. And while there were brief moments of optimism when the two sides re-started negotiations, nothing has come of it.

So … What’s the Latest on a Robinson Extension?

Unfortunately, the latest from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports the two sides remain in a gridlock that would make Chicago’s rush hour traffic blush: “[T]hat flurry of negotiations produced no tangible traction, with the sides still far apart on their offers.”

That’s unsurprising, but disappointing. Because even though the Bears started working harder toward making a deal happen after turning down trade offers from other teams, Robinson has previously alluded to both sides standing firm with their offers.

Now, with that said … the fact that the Bears and Robinson are still negotiating is a positive sign. Talks have not broken down completely yet, and GM Ryan Pace did say there was NO deadline to get a deal done. That’s a small silver lining, but not an inconsequential one. Of course, their inability to iron anything out to this point – especially after that wave of public negotiation – is a bit disheartening. Robinson is a major piece of this Bears offense. He should be rewarded for his production and paid for what his prime years project.

Franchise Tag as an Alternative to a Robinson Extension?

I guess it’s never too early to monitor the Franchise Tag market. La Canfora hears this situation is headed to Tag City if this keeps up.

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Although, we should note that Mitchell Trubisky’s shortcomings as a starter, and his subsequent benching, probably impacted Robinson’s talks. Specifically, now the Bears *know* they won’t have to use their precious tag on Trubisky after some unforeseen uptick in performance during his contract year. That’s good for their own planning and flexibility, but doesn’t exactly keep their feet to the fire with respect to Robinson.

In any case, the saga continues and Robinson remains without an extension. Although, his teammates are still pushing for it:

Author: Luis Medina

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