NFL Exec: If Dak Prescott Hits Free Agency, Bears and Colts Are Top Options

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NFL Exec: If Dak Prescott Hits Free Agency, Bears and Colts Are Top Options

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are destined to be connected with every possible quarterback option who becomes available. Some fits will be realistic and viable others will not. But perhaps none will be as intriguing as Dak Prescott.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler pieced together a comprehensive look at what the future looks like for Cowboys and their quarterback after he suffered that awful ankle injury last Sunday. Fowler links up with league insiders and gathers their thoughts on Prescott’s recovery process, what a new contract could look like, and possible free agent options. There’s a ton to soak in, particularly with regards to what it might look like if Prescott hits free agency.

And more specifically, Fowler hears that the Bears are one of the teams that could prioritize making such a move (ditto the Colts).

The executive points out how Nagy is using more RPO action that could play to Prescott’s strengths. And with Nick Foles hanging in as a possible bridge to when Prescott is healthy, the Bears wouldn’t feel the need to rush him back from an injury should he land in Chicago. But let’s not kid ourselves. The Bears are a quarterback-starved franchise in a win-now window seeking stability and excellence at the sports’ most important position. So it would make sense they would be an option. There, I said it.

Prescott, 27, could be the quarterback solution this franchise has been seeking for quite some time. And while the Bears would have to make some tough business decisions in order to make it work, a two-time Pro Bowl QB might make it worth their while.

In July, we discussed the non-zero chance Prescott is the Bears’ starting quarterback in 2021. Now, it’s a consideration because the injury he suffered on Sunday makes it a bit less likely the Cowboys would Franchise Tag him for a second consecutive offseason.

Then again, Dallas could tag Prescott with the intent to trade him.

Think about how the Dolphins handled the Jarvis Landry situation a few years ago. But for that to happen, they would have to know for sure they had a trade partner. And that feels up in the air right now. To be clear, no tag doesn’t mean Prescott is out the door. The Cowboys could offer a modest extension and keep their home-grown quarterback from leaving. And yet, even after considering the options that have been laid out, true free agency is a real possibility. So stay tuned.

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