Learning From Jimmy Graham, Piñeiro in the Plans, New QB Prospect Crush, COVID Updates, and Other Bears Bullets

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Learning From Jimmy Graham, Piñeiro in the Plans, New QB Prospect Crush, COVID Updates, and Other Bears Bullets

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How comfortable am I talking with Greg Braggs Jr. on a hot mic? Comfortable enough to tell the tale of how a popular tray of brownies I baked were originally made to share with a girl I was supposed to go on a date with who ghosted me. It’s not a story I’ve told many (if any). But it’s a tell-tale sign of a good interview if the question-asker can get something out of their subject that they otherwise wouldn’t share.

But in case you weren’t tuning in for brownie back stories, there’s plenty of Bears talk here:

As for the brownies, maybe I’ll make them for someone special who doesn’t go ghost on me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

•   The Jacksonville Jaguars are the latest team to deal with a positive COVID-19 test during the regular season. A Jaguars practice squad player tested positive, which resulted in the team holding virtual meetings on Saturday ahead of tomorrow’s game against the Lions. Tom Pelissero (NFL Network) tweets the positive test isn’t expected to impact Sunday’s scheduled game in Detroit, with everyone in the Jaguars organization receiving rapid testing. Nevertheless, it’s a situation worth monitoring.

•   Meanwhile, ESPN’s Mike Reiss reports the Patriots are set to re-open their facility after no new positive COVID-19 results emerged from Friday’s tests. This is good news for the team and its players, but also for a league whose schedule-makers would’ve had a number of hurdles to clear in order to make this game up. Sure, the NFL might’ve dodged a bullet for the time being. But based on recent history, I’d encourage the league’s decision-makers to stay on their toes.

•   I’m glad the Bears have Jimmy Graham on their roster:

•   Because in addition to his red zone prowess, he can teach rookie tight end Cole Kmet a thing or two about being patient. Going back through Graham’s rookie year game log, it’s noteworthy that he had just one (1) 11-yard reception and three targets. Similarly, Kmet has only one (1) 12-yard reception in his first five games. Graham relaying his experiences to the Notre Dame product could help that development curve. Let’s keep an eye on how this relationship buds.

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

•   I shared my Kmet-related concerns earlier in the week. To be clear, I’m not giving up on the guy. Because while I understand the learning curve is a tough one, expectations for Kmet were high and the Bears did nothing to curb the hype. Here’s to Kmet earning more reps and making the most of them when he’s on the field.

•   Congrats are in order for Bears kicker Eddy Piñeiro:

•   Piñeiro hasn’t kicked in 2020, but Cam Ellis (NBC Sports Chicago) writes that good ol’ No. 15 is still in the Bears’ plans for this season. A groin injury slowed Piñeiro in training camp, which nudged the Bears to sign Cairo Santos as an insurance policy. Piñeiro started the year on Injured Reserve, served the required minimum three weeks on IR, but still hasn’t re-claimed his kicking gig. And last week, Chicago signed Kai Forbath as an insurance policy for Santos. None of this makes me confident that Piñeiro will kick for the Bears any time soon, but Special Teams Coach Chris Tabor believes Piñeiro is progressing. But the Bears’ actions speak louder than Tabor’s words.

•   It’s not a college football Saturday if I’m not crushing over some prospect. This week, it’s BYU’s Zach Wilson:

•   Wilson was on Mel Kiper Jr.’s watch list when he released his first batch of QB rankings. We can dream all we want about Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, but Wilson might be the most realistic first-round option for the Bears at this point.

•   Brent Urban’s rocking guitar solo celebration will have an audience:

•   We can debate the power of particular mediums until the cows come home. But when I read about Cody Whitehair being a rural Kansas native who gravitated toward being a Cubs fan because they were on the radio, I’m reminded of how powerful reach can be. Nathan Smith (ChicagoBears.com) unearthed some more Whitehair fun facts worth reading.

•   Well this is a development:


•   Cook suffered a groin injury in last Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks. I imagine this is a precautionary measure. However, being without Cook shouldn’t stop the Vikings from grounding the Falcons. Prove me wrong, ATLiens!

•   Wow:

•   The addition of Mina Kimes to ESPN’s football coverage has been great (even if her game-day predictions haven’t been):


Author: Luis Medina

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