Here Comes Joe Buck, Football's Best Angles, Bears Pass Block Grades, and Other Bears Bullets

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Here Comes Joe Buck, Football’s Best Angles, Bears Pass Block Grades, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

On this date in 2002, Herm Edwards dropped one of the most important speeches of all time:

It’s wild to talk about #TankForTrevor, #FailForFields, #LoseForLance, or whatever clever, alliterative hashtag you could attach to the concept of a team bottoming out when tape like this exists. Any coach of a tanking team who believes isn’t playing to its potential should play this on loop for their squad. Heck, I’m fired up about it typing from my couch.

As a reminder, the Jets started this particular season 2-5, but went on to win 7 of their last 9 games after Edwards’ rant to earn a spot in the playoffs. Should we all be as inspired as the 2002 Jets moving forward.

•   The industry nerd in me loves checking-in to see who’s doing which NFL games on any given week. And being that the Chicago Bears are slotted into FOX’s 3:25 p.m. CT Game of the Week spot, it means the Saints-Bears matchup will feature the play-by-play stylings of Joe Buck, analysis from Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman, and sideline updates from ace reporter Erin Andrews. Don’t you roll your eyes at me! And leave the groans for another time. This is FOX’s A-team! So enjoy it while you can, lest we forget about how much we haven’t enjoyed Kenny Albert and Jonathan Vilma.

•   Put aside your feelings for the Buck-Aikman-Andrews crew for a minute, then take a moment to realize what this truly means. We’ll get background information from Buck and Aikman stemming from interviews they’ll do ahead of the game. Maybe we’ll get some more Nick Foles truth bombs. Perhaps Head Coach Matt Nagy can use this platform to nudge GM Ryan Pace into making a trade that helps boost morale (not to mention the team’s playoff odds). Getting FOX’s top team is good for business. Yes, even Bears business.

•   My favorite inside-football nugget is that getting the “A” team broadcast from FOX means more cameras and and angles. And to me, this means a better chance to get instant replay reviews right. But also, an opportunity to get views like this:

•   Last night’s big football story wasn’t the Falcons holding onto a fourth-quarter lead and winning a game. Nor did it have to do with former Bears RB Mike Davis averaging 5.1 yards a pop on the ground during a 13-carry, 66-yard performance for the Panthers. Instead, it was Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence testing positive for COVID-19. Over at ESPN, Heather Dinich and David M. Hale have what’s next for Lawrence, whose earliest return can happen on November 7 against Notre Dame.

•   But also, that TNF game was entertaining:

•   I was mildly annoyed that there was a point in the fourth quarter of that game in which the Panthers hadn’t forced a punt since playing the Bears two weeks ago. As if I needed another reminder of how lost this offense is at the moment. The Falcons moved the ball against Carolina. And, yeah, it helps when you have an MVP in Matt Ryan and a future Hall of Fame receiver in Julio Jones. But the Panthers don’t have real linebackers, so it was weird to see an offense take advantage of the opportunity.

•   What’s scarier: Watching the Bears offense or having to face Akiem Hicks and the defense?

•   Alright, I found something spookier than both:

•   Matt Nagy has good candy corn takes:

•   Nagy’s play-calling has been to the offense what being candy corn in my Halloween treat bag was to me.

•   JJ Stankevitz and Adam Hoge (NBC Sports Chicago) June in the film room to review some key misses on the offensive side of the ball. Nagy’s play-calling would’ve looked better had Foles hit Darnell Mooney on that deep pass down the left sideline. Or if Cordarrelle Patterson’s toss left was blocked as effectively as it was against the Lions in Week 1. So many little things add up to make-or-break big plays.

•   This is the way:


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•   Bigger than football:

•   The Bears have opened up the application process for the Collin Wehr scholarship, which provides financial assistance to young cancer survivors or students who have lost siblings to pediatric cancer. Always nice to see the Bears give back to the community.

•   One of the best left tackles in football just got PAID:

•   Ronnie Stanley’s extension could surpass $112 million in total value and includes nearly $71 million in guarantees. Essentially, it’s the second-biggest deal for a left tackle behind Laremy Tunsil’s contract with the Texans. It’s crazy to think about how the cap number for the Bears’ two starting tackles is a combined $8.6 million. Then again, the only thing crazier would be imagining Chicago’s football team with a dominant left tackle of Stanley’s ilk. Stanley, 26, has missed just seven games in his five year career and is coming off a 2019 season in which he earned Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro honors. And to think, he could be in line for another major pay day when this contract is up after the 2025 season.

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   Football in 2020 isn’t all that bad:

•   I still can’t believe the White Sox hired Tony La Russa to be their manager. What a time to drop October’s 2020 surprise! But let’s not forget that it was retired Pro Bowl Lance Briggs who had it first. Way to go, #55!

•   On the other side of town, Jon Lester is a real one:

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