Here's What Happened Between Gardner-Johnson and Wims (And Other Bears Bullets)

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Here’s What Happened Between Gardner-Johnson and Wims (And Other Bears Bullets)

Chicago Bears

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I woke up this morning and bumped my head on the headboard. I’ve had “Gimme Some More” by Busta Rhymes stuck in my head since.

•   Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy sounded like a dejected and defeated man when talking to the media after last night’s loss. But you don’t want to start your Monday on a sour note like that. Just know that the Javon Wims incident really stuck in his craw. Nagy addressed the situation last night, then again this morning:

•   Actions speak louder than words, so I can’t wait to see if what Nagy does backs up what he says.

•   It’s pretty wild how deep this goes. There’s a detailed thread on what sparked the incident in the first place:

•   All of this over a stinking mouthguard? UGH. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is a known agitator. We should remember that he got into it with Tarik Cohen and Allen Robinson last year. And his own teammate, Michael Thomas, just a few weeks ago. That’s even more reason to know not to get into it with that guy. It’s annoying that Wims let Gardner-Johnson get to him, because that moment turned that game on its ear. Penalty. Ejection. Interception. Lost lead. What an unfortunate turn of events.

•   Worth noting that Wims told Bears officials that Chauncey Gardner-Johnson also spit on him, according to NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Considering the league’s COVID-19 protocols, I imagine spitting on an opponent is a no-no. Even still … that’s not an ideal reaction.

•   And of course there’s a Florida-Georgia college football storyline attached the week before “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” takes place:

•   No matter how you slice it, what Wims did is still selfish an unacceptable. May the punishment be fair, firm, and enough to discourage this behavior from happening ever again.

•   But at least it presented us with tremendous meme content:

•   And to think about how much different the narrative around this game would have been had Eddie Jackson come up with a turnover on a Drew Brees floater. Or if that Roquan Smith pass-breakup would have turned into a pick-six. The Bears would be 6-2 and the vibe would be better, even if the glaring flaws are still evident.

•   Allen Robinson deserves better, as his routes continue to be extra crispy no matter who is throwing him the ball:

•   Correction: The Allen Robinson-Darnell Mooney tag team deserves better:

•   At least the Bears have a kicker now?

•   David Montgomery would run for 1,500+ yards if he had an offensive line that could create one (1) hole:

•   WOO! Progress:

•   Leading the league in the wrong categories:

•   It’s a shame that Bears-Saints game left such a sour taste in my mouth, because it totally prevented me from enjoying a funbad SNF game between the Cowboys and Eagles.

•   Sigh.

•   Something to keep tabs on as the trade deadline approaches tomorrow afternoon:

•   I guess you can trade to make yourself better:

•   This happened just days after Ronnie Stanley signed a huge extension:

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Author: Luis Medina

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