The Bears Hurt Themselves in Crowded Playoff Picture (Twice), Stealing Mooney, QB Hits, and Other Bears Bullets

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The Bears Hurt Themselves in Crowded Playoff Picture (Twice), Stealing Mooney, QB Hits, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

If you have already voted, then I tip my cap to you. But if you haven’t, and want to do so, today is your day.

And if you feel overwhelmed by anything (everything?) going on, just know that it’s OK to step away from your phone, tablet, or computer. Take a walk around the block. Step outside and breathe in some fresh air. Snuggle up on the couch for a power nap. Do you.

•   As soon as I saw this tweet and graphic, I knew nature was healing:

•   It’s officially autumn when I can use the #InTheHunt hashtag unironically. Then again, a whole bunch of teams can say the same. The Bears are joined by the Rams, Cardinals, Saints, 49ers, and (sigh) Lions as having a real shot at making the postseason. That the Bears lost two chances to gain a tie-breaker edge by flopping against the Rams and Saints hurts so, so, soooo much. And so much for the Cardinals beating the Seahawks being something that helped the Bears. Chicago no longer controls its own destiny, so it’ll need some help to get in at this point.

•   It’s a crowded playoff picture, to be sure. But one that could see one key rival fall off due to injuries:

•   So are we pulling for the Packers to knock the Niners out of this discussion? Or are rooting for the Niners to up-end the Pack to give the Bears a better shot at the division? Hey, don’t give me that look. I invented that look!

•   And to think, more playoff spots could be coming:

•   I loved Antoine Winfield Jr.’s tape coming out of Minnesota, so it pains me to see something like this:

•   Winfield was an All-American do-it-all safety who I believed would work swimmingly with Eddie Jackson. Instead, the Bears drafted Cole Kmet. Now, don’t get it twisted … I’m not giving up on Kmet. Not right now. But you can’t blame me for dreaming on a lock-down secondary starring Winfield, Jackson, Kyle Fuller, and Jaylon Johnson. Especially when Kmet is playing minimal offensive snaps.

•   You’re not gonna hit homers with ever swing on draft weekend. So while the usage of the 43rd pick is still hotly debated, there’s no contesting the Bears got a steal snagging Darnell Mooney in Round 5:

•   The hits allowed by this offensive line keep stacking up:

•   As was previously stated, the Bears’ offensive line issues go far beyond anything that happened this past weekend.

•   It’s frustrating that these issues didn’t pop up overnight. They’ve been lingering for quite some time. But save for some stretches of average-to-slightly-above-average play, the overwhelming consensus is that the play of the Bears’ offensive line has ranged from disappointing (on a good day) to flat-out bad (on its worst). And yet, nothing was done to address the situation. It’s maddening. But today is a good day to soften the blow by trading for some help.

•   Gotta love the attitude from Jimmy Graham. Now here’s to actions speaking even louder than tweets:

•   Uhm, this is pretty damning:

•   If anyone knows what it looks like to make the most out of a less-than-desirable quarterback situation, it’s Allen Robinson:

•   Your daily disheartening offensive stat of the day, which is sponsored by no one:

•   Punching a guy wearing a helmet is (1) stupid and (2) expensive:

•   The Titans beefed up their secondary ahead of the trade deadline, acquiring All-Pro slot corner/punt returner Desmond King in a trade with the Chargers. But as JJ Stankevitz (NBC Sports Chicago) points out, COVID-19 protocols could keep King from suiting up on game day. Keep that in mind as the Bears maneuver in the trade market.

•   Get well soon, guys:

•   Welcome home, Mo:

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