If Ryan Pace Stays, It Sounds Like the Bears Would Take a QB in the 2021 NFL Draft

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If Ryan Pace Stays, It Sounds Like the Bears Would Take a QB in the 2021 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears

Even though we explored the logistics of what it would look like if the Bears made changes at the top of the organization, they’re still a ways away from getting to that point. But with that said, there’s still reason to keep an eye on the future.

In answering questions from his mailbag, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune laid out options for the Bears’ future. And in doing so, shared some sourced knowledge suggesting what could be on the horizon should Pace return for 2021:

Do the Bears give Pace another swing at the quarterback position? I don’t know. I do believe they need to be beating the bushes for their next young quarterback, and smart personnel people I know say if Pace is back in 2021, he sure as heck would do just that with the idea of buying himself more time on the job.

I’d like to add that, even if Pace *isn’t* back in 2021, the Bears should draft a young quarterback early in the 2021 NFL Draft. Someone who could grow into the type of franchise leader, while also squeezing out whatever it can from a championship-caliber defense in an ever-tightening window. But that’s neither here nor there right now. So let’s focus on this nugget from Biggs. With the main takeaway being that Biggs hears that Pace would target a young quarterback in 2021. And in doing so, presenting a case to get more time to see it through in Chicago.

This wouldn’t be the first time Pace has operated in this manner. Because rather than attacking the quarterback position upon arrival in 2015, Pace rode out two years of Jay Cutler before going all-in on Mitchell Trubisky three years into the job. Going down that path again would be bold, to be sure. However, the 2021 NFL Draft class has five prominent prospects who could be on Pace’s wish list. So if there’s a time to get back on that horse, the upcoming Draft seems ideal.

In the end, Biggs’ mailbag answer vibes with an October report that suggested Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy could get another chance to solve the team’s long-term quarterback conundrum. That report surfaced after a 5-1 start, back when a postseason appearance appeared realistic. And even if they could still pull it off, doing so would take commitment from the higher-ups in the organization. Remember, Pace has only one year left on his contract and Nagy has just two. Would the organization allow Pace to pick a long-term quarterback option as he enters a lame-duck year?

Giving Pace another crack at finding a franchise quarterback without an extension would be considered malpractice in some circles. And what would that mean for Nagy’s future? Even possible solutions to the Bears’ long-term problems result in more questions surfacing for the organization. Go figure.

Author: Luis Medina

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