Let's Not Close the Door on Allen Robinson Just Yet

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Let’s Not Close the Door on Allen Robinson Just Yet

Chicago Bears

Where there was once hope for an Allen Robinson extension now exists uncertainty.

Things look bleak at the moment. And the idea of the Bears losing a popular and productive offensive player looks like a growing reality with Robinson publicly putting talks behind him (for now). HOWEVER, it’s important to remember that there is plenty of time between now and when that day might come. I say “might” because Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune paints a more optimistic picture of the situation.

In answering questions sent to his mailbag, Biggs provides a hint of optimism that this won’t be the final season we see Robinson in a Bears uniform.

“I don’t anticipate Robinson exiting via free agency because the Bears can keep him — and buy more time to work on a multiyear deal — by using the franchise or transition tag,” Biggs writes. “So the chances of Robinson making it to the open market are pretty slim.”

The Bears have a slew of obvious reasons to want to keep Robinson in the fold. He leads the team in catches (57) and receiving yards (712), is on pace for a 101-catch, 1,266-yard season, and is the most consistent (not to mention reliable) offensive weapon. Robinson runs every route on the tree and from various spots on the field. And the guy isn’t dropping anything right now. But beyond that, he is beloved by teammates and does wonderful work in the community. So on top of his on-field accomplishments, a franchise like the Bears should be looking to retain Robinson because he is the total package.

Let me be clear, the Bears and Robinson should’ve agreed to an extension long before we reached this point. Because every time Ryan Pace’s regime took a key player to a contract year, an extension was ironed out. And it’s not as if Robinson hasn’t given plenty of reasons on why he has earned an extension. Moreover, Robinson has maintained that he wants to stay with the Bears. We might not get a conclusion to this saga until later. But at least there are more positive vibes now than when we most recently broached the topic two days ago.

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Author: Luis Medina

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