Enjoying Bearslessness, College Football Fun, That OTHER North Carolina QB, and Other Bears Bullets

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Enjoying Bearslessness, College Football Fun, That OTHER North Carolina QB, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Bears can’t ruin your Sunday, I recommend you enjoy the heck out of today.

•   Here’s what your Bears-less Sunday looks like:


•   If you want to get a look at what good, young quarterback play looks like around the league, today is a good day to soak it all in. I’m intrigued by Dolphins-Chargers, which features Tua Tagovailoa squaring off against Justin Herbert. Bills-Cardinals should be a treat, too, with Josh Allen and Kyler Murray going head-to-head.

•   Should you want to watch a storyline that’s easy to root for, then Washington-Detroit features Alex Smith making his first start in 728 days. And if you’re pulling for the best Bears postseason scenario, then you’ll want to keep your eyes on Seahawks-Rams. There’s so much to take in! So enjoy football without the agony of having to watch the Bears attempt to play offense.

•   Lamar Miller’s arrival isn’t going to fix everything, but it could help. Let’s enjoy some highlights:

•   I thoroughly enjoy watching Sam Howell sling it at North Carolina:

•   For the record, Sam Howell was a better prospect as a true freshman at Chapel Hill than Mitchell Trubisky was after his junior season in which he started and rose up the quarterback prospect rankings. But we don’t need to have that conversation in this moment.

•   I’m not sure what’s applicable to the Bears here, but I think Urban Meyer is making some good points:


•   Pac-12 football brought the wackiness last night:

•   This was worth the wait:

•   The latest installment of “Allen Robinson Catches Everything” is here:

•   And you can catch these hands if you’re trying to pry #12 off the Bears roster while he’s still on it:

•   Jaylon Johnson is a few interceptions away from making a real run at the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year award:

•   I encourage you to take advantage of this promo, but also to do so in a responsible manner:

•   Closing out this set of Bullets with a reminder that Roquan Smith is awesome:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.