It's Not a Good Day to Be at Halas Hall

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It’s Not a Good Day to Be at Halas Hall

Chicago Bears

From where I’m sitting, the Chicago Bears’ bye week is well-timed. Because while no one wants to enter the off week on a four-game losing streak, this feels like a great opportunity for the Bears to do some soul-searching.

Take a step back. Give things a look from 50,000-feet. Dive into some self-scouting. Lick your wounds. Get some rest. Take a lap. Unplug. Decompress. Bake yourself some chocolate-chip cookies and binge 2000s romantic comedies. OK, that last part was for me. Nevertheless, understand my point that this is a good time to briefly step away.

And by all means, avoid George McCaskey:

Narrator (off screen): Things looked offensively last night as they’ve looked for the last month.

Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog dropped that tweet about a half-hour before game-time. And because Hughes is as plugged in as they come in the Bears blogging community, I made a note to myself to bookmark that tweet for later. Well, later has come. Because, as we saw last night, things didn’t get any better offensively. So if there was tension last week because of how things were going, last night’s prime-time dud did nothing to release it.

The Bears have never made an in-season firing in my lifetime. And with that being said, I don’t expect them to change from that course. HOWEVER, if the season keeps trending in this direction, then there is a non-zero chance that both Head Coach Matt Nagy and General Manager Ryan Pace will find themselves on the hot seat — if not fired.

Remember, the last time the McCaskey family was enraged by the on-field product, the franchise cleaned house by jettisoning GM Phil Emery and Head Coach Marc Trestman at the end of the 2014 season. Should current trends continue, it’s not difficult to envision Pace and Nagy falling down a similar path.

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