Mic'd Up Gibson, Robinson's Tip-Top Toe-Tap, CP Running Wild, and Other Bears Bullets

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Mic’d Up Gibson, Robinson’s Tip-Top Toe-Tap, CP Running Wild, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The latest entry into the “Only In 2020!” folder is that there is a Home Alone-themed AirBNB rental in the Dallas Fort-Worth Area. Only in America, as Don King would say.

•   A 2002 Bears first-round pick had a whale of a Wednesday:

•   Considering the Giants’ investments along the offensive line, as well as the stalled development of first-rounder Andrew Thomas, I’m not surprised that (1) a consultant was Brough tin to spruce things up and (2) Colombo wasn’t pleased with outside help being brought in. Seriously, who wants to see their future replacement enter their place of employment and put into a room with them?

•   I wonder if Colombo – who played nine years at the listed size of 6-foot-8 and 320 pounds – has anything left in the tank at age 42. If so, I know a team that could use his assistance. And it’s not as if he doesn’t know where Halas Hall is located. In fact, he could possibly be enticed by all the refurbishing. Moving on.

•   Give credit where it’s due: The Athletic really nailed the Bears’ (other) biggest preseason worry of having two quarterbacks is like having no quarterback at all. How bad is it? Mike Sando’s explainer makes me need a hug:

“The Bears have been worse statistically on offense with Nick Foles in the lineup over the benched Mitch Trubisky, affirming the adage that teams with two quarterbacks frequently have zero. The Bears rank 30th in EPA per pass attempt, 31st in yards per pass attempt and 32nd in yards per completion.”

•   The offensive line issues were still far more problematic than the quarterback concerns, in my humble opinion. But when your team has both at the same time, this is what it looks like.

•   Bear Down, Sound Up:

•.  Safety Tashaun Gipson Sr. is quietly having a good season. His fit in the secondary has been smooth and effortless. Considering the Bears’ needs elsewhere, I struggle to see a scenario in which he is extended. But that doesn’t mean his play hasn’t merited such consideration. If Gipson keeps this up, he’ll sign a free agent contract elsewhere that will make a team happy. And from the Bears’ perspective, it could net them a compensatory draft pick in 2022.

•   Allen Robinson is a smooth criminal when running his routes:

•   Bears fans will want to fast forward to No. 3:

•   EEP:


•   For your listening pleasure:

•   If only Twitter was around for this:

•   Air fryers, portable photo printers, LOL dolls, and much more are your early Black Friday deals at Amazon today. #ad

•   Cool. Now, don’t lose it by building a spaceship inside of it:

•   Eli was pushing mad content at BN Bulls last night:

Author: Luis Medina

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