Folks Around the League Are "Anticipating Major Changes" in the Bears Organization

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Folks Around the League Are “Anticipating Major Changes” in the Bears Organization

Chicago Bears

As we think about the organizational changes coming to/needed for the Chicago Bears organization, I thought the Trib’s Dan Wiederer made a good point today about the when, and he also added quite a bit of what he’s hearing around the league.

This isn’t quite asking for patience, but it is aptly noting that the difference between RIGHT THE EFF NOW and “end of season” is now less than a month:

What’s more important than the timing is getting the overhaul right. And it’s a dang OV-ER-HAUL that’s needed. So, to that end, I was particularly pleased by Wiederer’s follow-up:

None of that is to say massive changes are coming for sure, but these “league folks outside the Bears organization” are just another set of voices to suggest they are. Done right, it wouldn’t just mean firing this guy or that guy and bringing in someone new. It would mean substantial changes to the way football operations operate with the Bears, and I’m hoping those league folks are anticipating correctly.

The Cubs fundamentally overhauled baseball operations in 2011 after decades of being extremely behind the times. The Bulls are in the process now of fundamentally overhauling basketball operations after decades of being extremely behind the times. You’re up, Bears.

Author: Brett Taylor

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